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ZamiPet HappiTreats Digestion Dog 30 Chews


ZamiPet HappiTreats Digestion Dog 30 Chews

ZamiPet HappiTreats Digestion Dog 30 Chews are expertly developed to promote your pet's digestive health, serving as an enticing treat that they'll eagerly devour. These chewable enhancements are uniquely fashioned to address prevailing digestive issues in dogs and cats, contributing to the maintenance of a thriving gastrointestinal system and the advancement of overall health.

Key Benefits:

  • Digestive Assistance: HappiTreats Digestion Chews encompass an amalgamation of natural constituents that actively aid in digestion, incorporating probiotics and digestive enzymes. These essential elements assist in the breakdown of food, heighten nutrient assimilation, and mitigate digestive unease.
  • Nurtured Gut Flourishing: The probiotics present in these chews stimulate a harmonious equilibrium of beneficial bacteria in your pet's gut, a pivotal factor for optimal digestion and immune prowess.
  • Soothing Formulation: Infused with gentle elements such as ginger and chamomile, HappiTreats Digestion Chews harness the calming attributes these ingredients are renowned for. This effectively curtails inflammation and alleviates gastrointestinal distress.
  • Palatable and Convenient: Not only are these chews efficacious, but they're also a treat to the taste buds! Crafted with natural flavours that captivate pets' preferences, facilitating supplement administration. The convenient chewable structure eradicates the challenge of administering pills to your pet.


Animal Type
Breed Size

Australian Sourced Chicken Meal; Rice; Wholemeal Flour; Oats; Glycerol; Carrot; Food Acids; Salt; Inulin (Prebiotic); Tapioca Starch; Guar Gum; Emulsifier; Magnesium Phosphate; Gelatine; Vegetable Protein Extract; Natural Flavour; Vitamin E; Zinc Sulphate; Calcium Carbonate; Turmeric; Vitamin C; Ginger; Natural Antioxidant; Iron (Ferrous Sulphate); Copper Sulphate; Selenium; Vitamin B3 (Niacin); Manganese Oxide; Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin); Biotin; Vitamin B12; Vitamin B1 (Thiamine); Vitamin A; Vitamin B6; Folic Acid.

Possible Side Effects
Active Ingredient
Directions for use
  1. Administer the recommended dose according to your furry friend's weight.
  2. Introduce the chew directly or crumble it onto their meal.
  3. Keep an eye on your pet while they enjoy their chew.
  4. Use daily or follow your veterinarian's instructions.
  5. Keep in a cool, dry location.

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