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Cat Wormer Products

Getting a cat is such a joy but they are always at risk of acquiring diseases. Also, as parasites are everywhere, protecting your pets against them becomes even more crucial. Worms, as an example, can be a stubborn health problem in cats. They are very common but your feline friends can have them without you knowing it. In fact, the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says that 45% of cats have an intestinal parasite at any given time. Failure to administer treatment can cause huge problems and affect the quality of their lives. So, if you suspect your cats have worms living in them, don’t panic. Ask your vet and start giving them the proper treatment they need to get rid of these pesky parasites.

As they say, prevention is always the best option to ensure that your pets are in optimal condition. Lots of cat wormer products for cats  are available in the market and CanadaVet chooses the best brands for you. We know how tough it is to fight worm infestation so our team of professionals have done the dirty work for you. Check out our list of cat wormers directly from our trusted manufacturers at an affordable price. We offer Advocate, Aristopet, Drontal, Popantel Tabs, Profender, Virbac Tabs and Moxiclear brands for cats. Read about the best worming products for your cat.

The Three Most Common Types of Worms in Cats

In the fight against the frustrating worms that can be found in your pets, it’s important to know the basic facts about them. It’ll help you understand what your pet is going through and how you can help. Here’s CanadaVet’s three most common types of intestinal worms in your cats.


This type of parasite is long, flat, and white in color. They anchor themselves in the cat’s small intestine using their hook-like mouth and start feeding on their nutrients. Most cat tapeworms are about 8 inches but they can grow up to 20 inches. Tapeworms mature differently by shredding into small parts. Researchers and professionals call it Segments Proglottids. Your pets can get tapeworms in several ways. They can either get it by eating infected smaller animals or through pesky fleas.


This is the most common type of worm that invades your cat’s intestines. Your pets can acquire roundworms by eating rodents or by ingesting faeces that contain roundworm eggs. Usually, they grow between three to five inches and feed on what your cats are eating. That means, they steal the nutrients from the food they eat causing a negative impact to your cat’s overall health.


Just by this parasite’s name, it uses its hook-like mouth to anchor themselves to the lining of your cat’s intestinal walls. Unlike the hookworms’ dog variant, cat hookworms are less aggressive when sucking off blood and nutrients. Your pets can ingest eggs when they are grooming their feet. Or a larvae can make its way to your cat’s skin and burrow to infect their lungs and trachea. They can suffer from anemia, skin irritation,poor fur condition, weight loss, and itching. There are trusted dewormer products for cats that are available at CanadaVet.

Protect Your Cats with Effective Multi Wormer

If left untreated, these pesky intestinal worms can truly affect your cat’s quality of life. As a responsible fur parent, your job is to give them the best products available to get rid of parasites. But since there are lots of product brands available in the market, buying can be a bit difficult. That’s why CanadaVet is here to help you! We are a team of professionals that sift through hundreds of products to offer the best brands. Multi wormer products will definitely help you stop the infestations of any parasite. Also, they act as a preventative treatment to reduce your cat’s risk of acquiring diseases. Keeping stocks of multi wormer products can also avoid health problems like anemia, bloating, and weight loss. The key to keeping your adorable cats safe and happy at home.



CanadaVet: The Convenient Way to Buy Cheap Cat Supplies Online 

Not all fur parents can make an appointment and go visit a veterinarian to check on their pets. Also, we fully understand how daunting it is to travel and buy pet products in the store. That’s why CanadaVet established a credible online store where you can buy pet supplies without the hassle.

Why Trust CanadaVet as Your Online Pet Product Shop

With years of experience in the veterinary field, CanadaVet ensures that all the products we sell are manufactured by the best brands at an affordable price. Yes! You heard that right. Trusted pet product brands at a guaranteed low price. You’ll probably wonder how we manage to offer the best products at a cheap price. It’s because we have established a good relationship with credible manufacturers to source our products.

You can also get free shipping for orders over $98! Plus, we guarantee prompt delivery too. At CanadaVet, we value our customers and the welfare of their adorable pets. Hence, we stay true to our promise to provide effective pet supplies, affordable prices, and excellent customer service. On top of that, we take pride in our secured system that makes your online shopping experience safe. We use the latest technology to process your payments and protect your data.

Connect with CanadaVet

Got inquiries? Connect with us and our staff will definitely accommodate you. Call us at our toll-free number (1-888-691-2268) or send us an email to [email protected] with your questions. Keep your pets healthy and buy from our wide-range of pet products at an affordable price.

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