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Simparica FAQ

What is Simparica for dogs?

Simparica is a medication used to treat and prevent flea and tick infestations in dogs. It contains the active ingredient sarolaner, which works by interfering with the nervous system of fleas and ticks, ultimately killing them.

Simparica is available in the form of chewable tablets and is administered orally once a month. It is approved for use in dogs over 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 2.8 pounds. Simparica is not suitable for use in cats or other animals.

It is important to take into consideration your pet’s age, weight, and any underlying medical conditions they may have before administering Simparica to your dog.

What is the difference between Simparica and Bravecto for flea and tick prevention in dogs?

Simparica and Bravecto are both prescription flea and tick preventatives for dogs, but they differ in several ways. Simparica contains sarolaner as its active ingredient, whereas Bravecto contains fluralaner. These are different compounds with distinct mechanisms of action.

Simparica is a monthly chewable tablet that kills fleas and ticks, while Bravecto is available in both chewable and topical forms and provides up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks. Additionally, Simparica is labelled for the prevention of sarcoptic mange, while Bravecto is not.

If you need help to determine which option is best for your dog's individual needs, you can consult with our team by calling our toll-free number at 1-888-691-2268 or by sending an email to [email protected].

What is the difference between Simparica and Simparica Trio?

Simparica and Simparica Trio are both medications used to treat and prevent various types of parasites in dogs. However, there are some key differences between the two medications.

Simparica is an oral medication that is used to prevent and treat flea and tick infestations in dogs. It contains the active ingredient sarolaner, which is a potent insecticide that works by targeting the nervous system of fleas and ticks, killing them quickly.

Simparica Trio, on the other hand, is a newer medication that contains three active ingredients: sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel. In addition to treating and preventing flea and tick infestations, it also protects against heartworm disease and treats and controls intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms.

So, the main difference between Simparica and Simparica Trio is that Simparica Trio provides broader protection against parasites, including heartworms and intestinal parasites, while Simparica is only effective against fleas and ticks.

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