How to Keep Your Cat Off Your Christmas Tree

Ah, the holidays! A time for joy, peace, and your cat turning the Christmas tree into its personal jungle gym. Every cat owner knows the struggle: you deck the halls only to find Fluffy sees your beautiful tree as the ultimate climbing challenge. But fear not! We’ve got some festive (and practical) tips to keep your tree standing and your cat entertained (elsewhere).

Strategic Tree Placement

First things first, location is key. Place your tree in a corner if possible, away from any "launching pads" (like sofas or tables) that your feline friend might use as a springboard. This might not stop the most determined cats, but it's a good start.

Sturdy Base: The Foundation of a Cat-Proof Tree

Make sure your tree has a solid base. The last thing you want is your cat yelling "timmmmmber" as your beautifully decorated tree crashes to the ground. A heavy base adds stability and might discourage your cat from turning tree-tipping into their new favorite hobby.

Distract with Cat-Friendly Zones

Create enticing alternatives for your cat. Think cat trees, shelves, or interactive toys near the tree area. If your cat has something more interesting than the Christmas tree, there's a chance your decorations will survive the season.

Avoid Tempting Decorations

Tinsel and shiny ornaments at cat-eye level are like flashing neon signs inviting them to play. Opt for less shiny, more securely fastened decorations near the base. And maybe save the heirloom ornaments for higher up or for another year.

Use Cat Repellents

There are various pet-safe sprays that deter cats with scents humans can't detect. Spraying these around the tree can make it less appealing. Alternatively, some natural deterrents like citrus peels or vinegar can do the trick – just be sure they're pet-safe.

Training and Positive Reinforcement

Don’t forget good old-fashioned training. A firm "no" when they go near the tree and treats when they stay away can work wonders. It takes patience and consistency, but it’s worth a shot!


While it might seem like your cat's mission in life is to wreak havoc on your Christmas tree, these tips can help you keep the peace this holiday season. Remember, a little preparation and understanding your cat's behavior can go a long way. Here's to a merry, bright, and upright Christmas tree!