Aquadent Fr3sh is an easy to use palatable water additive that controls plaque formation to promote teeth and gum health in dogs and cats.

Why Choose Aquadent Fr3sh?

Fr3sh Technology
Contains an innovative blend of three natural ingredients to uniquely address the oral and digestive causes of bad breath.
- Inulin: supports gut health to promote healthy, balanced gut flora and aids in the reduction of foul smelling digestive gases that contribute to bad breath.
- Pomegranate: supports natural gum health
- Erythritol": freshens the mouth

Simple At Home Care
A very important part of dental health for pets, daily treatments with Aquadent Fr3sh help reduce the accumulation of bacteria and plaque to help maintain a healthy mouth and gums.

Safe And Easy To Use
Just add Aquadent Fr3sh to drinking water daily.

Directions For Use

For Cats - add 2.5ml to 250ml of fresh drinking water
For Dogs - less than 10kg add 5ml per 500ml fresh drinking water
For Dogs - 10-25kg add 10ml per 100ml of fresh drinking water
For Dogs - Greater than 25kg add 15ml per 1500ml of fresh drinking water
Remember to discard and replace water and Aquadent Fr3sh on a daily basis

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