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Your dog will be protected from parasites with Revolution for Dogs - and you'll save money by purchasing it online!

You want to protect your dog from parasites like fleas, ear mites, heartworm, roundworm and hookworm - but at an affordable price!

Whilst Simparica and Simparica Trio are the newer products from manufacturer Zoetis (and these newer products offers broader protection against more parasites), your dog or pup can still get great protection against fleas, ear mites, heartworm, roundworm and hookworms using the original Revolution spot on product - at a great price.

What is the difference between Revolution for Dogs and the newer products like Simparica and Simparica Trio? 

The active ingredient in Revolution for Dogs is Selamectin, which has been trusted to protect dogs for many years.  Revolution works to kill fleas and is a very good heartworm treatment. It also works to kill ear mites and sarcoptic mange.

Simparica uses a different (newer) active ingredient, Sarolaner,which means that, in addition to protection against fleas and mites, Simparica also protects against ticks (black-legged/deer ticks, American dog ticks, and Gulf Coast ticks). 

However Simparica (sarolaner) doesn’t protect against heartworm disease - users of Simparica need to use some other form of heartworm protection.  That’s why Simparica Trio also includes moxidectin (the same ingredient as used by vets in an annual injection) to protect against heartworm disease.  Both Revolution and Simparica Trio are excellent at preventing heartworm disease for approximately four weeks.

So…if you live in an area without tick infections and if your dog's environment does not support the flea lifecycle, you may not need the added benefits of newer treatments like Simparica Trio  (You will still need to treat your dog for intestinal worms like roundworm, whipworm and tapeworm, using a product like Canex). Revolution for Dogs is an effective treatment that is affordably priced - especially when you can save up to 60% off RRP when you buy online from the vets at!!


Revolution for Dogs gives protection against fleas and mites, as well as heartworm

Revolution has long been a trusted name in protection for animals.  These are the parasites that are treated by Revolution for Dogs:


  • Revolution for Dogs kills adult fleas, and prevents flea eggs from hatching. The most important part of flea treatment and prevention is to break the breeding cycle of the fleas  - whilst 5% of the fleas in your dog’s environment are on your dog, a further 95% of fleas, larvae and eggs are in your dog’s everyday indoor and outdoor living environments. By breaking the lifecycle of the flea, you can stop today’s fleas and the fleas that will be born tomorrow!    Revolution for Dogs (Selamectin) penetrates your dog’s skin, and enters the bloodstream, killing adult fleas on your dog within hours.   But the active ingredients keep working to break the flea lifecycle - because it is absorbed into your dog’s skin and fur, the fur (including moulted fur) comes in contact with fleas, eggs and larvae in the environment and prevents their development!   Those fur balls and dust bunnies around the house are useful, as they kill fleas!


  • An ear mite infestation is widespread among pets, and it is highly contagious.  Mites cause pain and inflammation of the external ear, an unpleasant odour, and a dark waxy discharge.  If left untreated, ear mites can lead to serious ear disease affecting hearing and balance. 


  • Similarly, sarcoptes mites burrowing into your dog’s skin can cause sarcoptic mange, which can lead to your dog having severe skin inflammation, intense itching and secondary skin infections.


  • With constant protection from Revolution for Dogs, your dog is protected from developing heartworm disease, which can be caused by a single bite from an infected mosquito. Heartworm disease can lead to sudden death.


Revolution for Dogs is easy to use 

Anyone who has struggled to get their pet to take a bitter tablet knows that complicated, messy and unpalatable pet medicines are not fun!  Revolution for Dogs is simple to apply “spot on” medicine - it is absorbed through the dog’s skin and fur.  A small amount of liquid is applied at the base of the neck.  It is quick drying, meaning no oily residue left on your dog or your hands. This small topical treatment gives your dog the protection he needs - without hassle for you! 


Buy Revolution for Dogs online and save!

When you buy Revolution for Dogs online without a prescription from the veterinarian team, you can be confident that you’re getting genuine products, labelled in English with the longest expiry dates possible.  We wouldn’t sell anything that we don’t use on our own pets!

You also save money when you buy Revolution for Dogs online from Because we operate over the internet ,we offer great savings. Most of our products are between 30 and 60 percent less than the recommended retail price in the USA.  

Read more about CanadaVet’s promise to you here, and enjoy our great savings on Revolution for Dogs! And if you don’t know what you want, or you need some advice on what’s appropriate for your dog, just contact us for helpful advice from our award-winning Customer Service Team!