Preventing Fleas and Ticks on your Dog

Which Flea & Tick prevention medicines are best for your dog? What are the best places to buy flea and tick prevention for dogs?

Looking for flea and tick prevention medicine for your dog but are unsure where to buy them? Do you need help choosing the best flea and tick prevention treatment for your dog?  


At CanadaVet, we can help!  We want to make it easy for you to select the flea and tick prevention product that:

  • Protects your dog (and your family!)
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Why prevent fleas and ticks? 

The importance of killing these little suckers will become obvious to anyone who has ever been in a flea-infested house!  A flea crawling inside your trouser legs or biting you is one of the worst sensations.  It is just as uncomfortable and irritating for your dog to be bitten by fleas or ticks.  But fleas and ticks can cause serious health problems for your dog, so ensure your home and surroundings are flea-free and tick-free zones!

Use dog flea and tick treatments for your dog’s health and your family’s health.

Killing fleas and ticks is essential for your dog's health and for the health of your family! 


Besides being an irritant, fleas can cause serious health problems for your dog.  The most common health problems suffered by dogs who are bitten by fleas include Flea Allergy Dermatits (or FAD), anemia, tapeworms (where dogs swallow infested fleas) and even  Bartonella bacteria infections (causing bartonellosis).  Fleas are not only a nuisance and irritating, when they bite humans - fleas can also spread diseases and parasites. Some of the most dangerous (albeit rare) diseases are flea-borne typhus and bubonic plague.


Ticks are another parasite that poses a threat to your dog’s health and the health of your family - 

common tick-borne diseases in the United States include Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Bartonellosis, and Hepatozoonosis. Many of these factors can cause serious health problems in dogs, as well as in humans. 

Use a Flea and Tick Prevention Treatment all year round!

Fleas and ticks are a problem all year round - so you need to use a flea and tick treatment all year too.


In a cold climate, you might think that fleas disappear over winter - this is a myth!  Even if it's snowing outside, if there are animals with fleas or ticks, the fleas and ticks can continue breeding and can infect your dog at any time.  Even in winter, your home is a warm and cozy place, perfect for fleas to continue their infestation!  You can find them in carpets, furniture, bedding - even cracks in wood or tile floors - and they will happily multiply until a warm body comes along to feed them blood!


It is much easier to prevent fleas and ticks than treat one, so use a preventive treatment regularly. 


How do I choose the best flea and tick prevention products for my dog?


 There are lots of different products on the market that kill fleas and ticks in dogs - and it can be confusing to decide what product your pet needs.  You will also need to work out what works best with the heartworm and intestinal worm treatments that your dog is taking.

It is important that you know that there is not currently any product on the market that treats fleas AND ticks AND heartworm AND all intestinal worms - you need to use a combination of products to give your dog full protection from parasites.


Here’s some of our most popular flea and tick prevention treatments for dogs at CanadaVet

  • Simparica Trio - Simparica Trio is the first monthly chewable approved by the FDA to protect dogs against heartworm disease, five types of ticks, fleas, roundworms and hookworms, all in one monthly chewable. 
  • Credelio Plus - new Credelio PLUS is a broad-spectrum chewable tablet that's gentle on your dog's system but tough on fleas and ticks PLUS heartworm PLUS worms. It kills ticks and fleas, PLUS adult and juvenile roundworms, hookworms and adult whipworm, PLUS prevents heartworm disease and flea tapeworm infestation.
  • Bravecto is a well known brand with a range of great products providing long lasting flea and tick protection for your dog - choose from Bravecto Spot On, Bravecto Chewables or Bravecto One Month chews, depending on the frequency that you wish to treat your dog, and the best way to give the doses to your dog (chew or spot on). 
  • Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra - monthly chews that protect dogs from fleas, ticks and mites, giving your dog great protection.  The next-generation Nexgard Spectra has additional active ingredients (compared to original Nexgard) that also protect against heartworm and intestinal worms 

CanadaVet sell a full range of dog flea and tick prevention treatments, and so you can be sure that you select something that (together with your dog’s heartworm and worming protection) gives your dog protection against all the nasty critters!  If you don’t know what your dog needs, after looking through the products on our website, call our friendly award winning Customer Service Team!

Where can I buy dog flea and tick prevention treatments for my dog at the best price?  Buy from CanadaVet and save!

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Do I need a prescription to buy flea and tick prevention products from

You don’t need a prescription to buy flea and tick prevention products from CanadaVet because we ship the product from countries outside the USA where no prescription is required.

Read more about CanadaVet’s promise to you here, and enjoy our great savings on Simparica Trio! And if you don’t know what you want, or you need some advice on what’s appropriate for your dog, just contact us for helpful advice from our award winning Customer Service Team!