Company of Animals Halti Harness was designed by Dr Roger Mug ford to Stop a dog pulling by providing front control. It applies the same principle as the Halti Head collar but by steering the dog from his chest rather than by his head. Halti Harness puts owners in control of dogs that don't like or cannot wear a Halti Head collar. The patented front control system steers the dog from his chest and shoulders and thus sets the direction in which he can move. Unlike other designs of anti-pull harnesses, the Halti does not put painful pressure on the body and is always comfortable. Ideally used with a double-ended lead to give maximum control. The back ring above the shoulders acts as a brake while the front lead steers. Available in medium size and black/red color.

  • Stop dog from pulling by providing steering control from the chest
  • Perfect for dogs that cannot wear a head collar
  • The harness is padded to make it extremely comfortable for dogs to wear
  • Back and chest rings provide dual steering control
  • Safety clip connects to the dog's collar for extra security
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