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Jurox Cobalex 2000 B12 Plus Selenium Injection

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Cobalex 2000 plus Selenium injection is a B12 supplement for cattle and sheep.

It provides vitamin B12 and selenium for treatment and control of deficiency. Vitamin B12 is an essential component of a number of enzymes involved in normal metabolism. It is stored in the liver and is necessary for appetite, maintenance of energy, production and growth.

Animal Type
Cattle, Sheep
Breed Size
Possible Side Effects
  • This product is contraindicated for use in sheep with known liver damage concurrently grazing plants with pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
  • This product is contraindicated for use when selenium intake from pasture is high or selenium is provided by other means (such as top dressing, vaccine, pellets or selenium drenches) if blood selenium levels at treatment are high. Users can determine selenium status by consulting a veterinarian.
  • This product is contraindicated for use unless cobalt deficiency is confirmed.
  • This product is contraindicated for use in sheep that are dehydrated or unwell.
Active Ingredient

Active Constituent(s)

  • 2 mg/mL Hydroxocobalmin (as the acetate)
  • 4 mg/mL Selenium (as sodium selenate)
Directions for use

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