Pamper your cat

There is no doubt that cats deserve to be loved and spoiled. As "International Cat Day" approaches on 8th of August, we have compiled a list of seven creative ways you can pamper your cat on this special day, or any time of the year really. 

1. Provide them with a comfortable, cuddly space.

Your kitty will love a comfy new cat bed, a kitty couch to lounge on or a window seat perch (where they can people-watch). Having multiple napping spots around the house will make your cat very happy. 

2. Make feeding time a fun time.

A practical and enjoyable way to pamper your cat is by making feeding time an interaction, fun activity. Introducing... Lickimats! These silicone feeding mats are designed as tasty boredom busters for cats or dogs. By spreading your pet's favorite soft treat over the mat, you create a brand-new taste sensation where they seek out every lick with their tongue.

These mats have a raised bumpy design, allowing your pet to enjoy just a small amount of food with every lick. It is suitable for runny treats like gravy, yogurt, pureed vegetables, etc.

Our three types of Lickimats available:

3. Introduce interactive toys.

An interactive toy can make playtime fun again, especially if your cat is older. As well as keeping your cat physically entertained, it gives them a mental workout as well. Two of our favorite interactive toys are:

Remember always to monitor your cat as they play with interactive toys like the products mentioned above, and put them away when you are not in use to avoid toy destruction! 


4. Pamper them with a “spa day"

What's not to love about spa days? Light your favorite candle (out of reach from your cat), turn on the spa music, and pamper your feline friend (if they allow it).

A couple of activities you can try:

  • Stroke your cat from nose to tail; this gives an all-over feel-good massage.
  • Take note of specific areas they enjoy the most. Common areas are between the ears, under the cheeks, and at the base of their tail.
  • Softly brush your cat to remove any loose fur reducing the chance of fur balls and matted hair. 

Some brush options include:


5. Unwind with the help of Catnip

Catnip can be a great stress reliever for cats. It first gives them energy, then allows them to relax and become happy. This special treat is loved by cats. You can give them a little bit of catnip on its own to nibble on, or you can even buy special toys filled with catnip that will guarantee long-lasting enjoyment.

Some of our best selling cat-nip infused toys:

You can get a complete understanding of precisely what catnip is, how it works, and its benefits in this blog


6. Gift them with new toys.

Get your cat some fun and exciting new toys to stimulate and revitalize their playful nature. As well as connecting with your cat and having fun, this will help your cat release its energy in a productive way.

Some of our favorite cat toys:



We hope that these suggestions will help you celebrate International Cat Day with your sweet kitty in a fun and creative way.