1. Take Time Out For Them

Time is precious! Your pet would love to have some extra time to spend with you and hang out. If you have a dog, this could mean organizing a day out to the dog park or beach, or just going for a simple walk. Otherwise, spending time at home with extra snuggles and cuddles all helps to reinforce your special bond with your pet.



2. Time for a Treat (or Toy!)

Pamper your pets by feeding them their favorite treats. You know your dog or cat is always keen for some more treats!

Another idea is to get creative and let your dog choose a new toy for themselves. Take your dog to your local dog-friendly pet store and let them go wild in the aisles. If they stop and sniff something that they like, you can get them a gift. If you have a cat, buy several toys and let your cat choose which one/s they like. Reinforce the reward of a new toy by playing with them.



3. Check Their Health

Look after your pet’s health by scheduling their next appointment with your local vet. It’s good to talk to your vet about the best treatments for your pet, as well as vaccinations your pets might need.



4. Well Groomed

Today could be a great day to groom your pet! Spend some quality time brushing your pet to make sure their coat is smooth and tangle-free. Brushing your pet helps to remove loose hair and dander, and is also a great way to keep their coat healthy and strong.



5. Make It Special for Them

Another easy way to make your pet’s day is to spoil your pet with extra love and attention. Think about what your pet likes. Can you give them a special treat in their food bowl? Have some quality cuddle time on the couch? Get out and play? Tailor your day to the needs and wants of your pet to create a personalized experience that you and your pet will love.