An adjustable strap that can be clipped into a seat belt buckle to restrict a dog's movement when in the car. Not intended for use as a safety belt.

The Black Dog Seat Belt Strap is an adjustable strap with a stainless steel carabiner at one end and a clip-in tongue for a seat belt buckle at the other (compatible with most makes of vehicle – it may not be compatible with some older Volvo cars).

The strap can be used in conjunction with a Black Dog harness. While it will restrict a dog's movement around a car and reduce distraction for the driver, the combination is strong enough to hold a dog steady even under emergency braking at high speed. However, this is not intended as a dog's "safety belt", as most harnesses will fail under the extreme forces generated in a car crash.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small - Adjustable length from 25 cm to 40 cm
  • Large - Adjustable length from 47 cm to 80 cm
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