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Topizole Medicated Shampoo

Topizole Medicated Shampoo
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Topizole Medicated Shampoo Description

For use as an aid in treating non specific dermatological conditions in cat and dogs. For use associated with skin conditions that may benefit from the elimination or reduction of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts that are responsive to chlorhexidine gluconate and miconazole nitrate. For use as a general anti bacterial, anti fungal topical shampoo treatment. For use to clean and condition coats.

Key Benefits:

  • Veterinary approved medicated germicidal shampoo

  • Controls bacterial, fungal and yeast infections

  • For use on both dogs and cats

  • Cleans and conditions coats

  • Perfume and colour free

Directions of Use

Wet the pet with clean water. Apply at several points on the coat and massage into the coat. Leave shampoo on the animal for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water. 50ml of shampoo will treat a 30kg, medium hair length dog and 7 -10 mls for an adult cat. Repeat twice weekly until symptoms resolve, then use weekly, or as directed by your veterinarian.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient
Chlorhexidine gluconate 20g/L, Miconazole nitrate 20g/L

Use with caution around the eyes.

Possible Side Effects


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