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September 2015: Everything You Need To Know About Revolution

One fact that might give you the chills this autumn is finding out that fleas and other parasites can be nestled in hiding places inside and outside your home without you ever knowing they’re there. The most common hideouts for these pesky parasites are on your pets, on other peoples pets, on wild animals, on shrubbery and bushes in your backyard (where other infested animals can frequent), as well as on the carpets, floors and sofas in your home. That's why, no matter what season or time of the year it may be, flea medication that can attack and kill these parasites and ensure they never return or arrive in the first place should be administered. Have a read below about the topical flea and worm treatment, Revolution.


How Revolution Works

Once applied, Revolution is quickly absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream and gets distributed through their fur and skin to get down to the business of killing fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs and any other external parasites on your pet or in their environment. Revolution will continue to protect your pet for an entire month, regardless of how long (or short) your pet’s hair is.

What Revolution Does

Revolution for Cats works to keep cats safe from:

  • Adult fleas

  • Flea eggs

  • Flea larvae 

  • Ear mites

  • Heartworm

  • Hookworm

  • Lice

  • Roundworm

(Safe for use on kittens from 6 weeks old)

 Revolution for Dogs works to keep dogs safe from:

  • Adult fleas

  • Flea eggs

  • Flea larvae

  • Flea allergy dermatitis

  • Ear mites

  • Lice

  • Sarcoptic mange

  • Heartworm prevention

  • Hookworm

  • Roundworm

  • Whipworm

  • Tapeworm

(Safe for use on puppies from 6 weeks old, pregnant and lactating bitches and breeding males)

How To Use Revolution

Using revolution is easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply once a month, squeeze one Revolution pipette on the skin at the base of your cat or dog’s shoulder blades. Within two hours your pet will be fully protected for the next 30 days. Also rest assured, in the event that you bathe your pet two hours after applying Revolution, the application will still remain completely effective. 

For a more detailed user guide:  

Step One:

  • Hold tube upright
  • Press cap down until you hear a click (meaning  the cap has punctured the tip of the tube)
  • Remove cap and check tube is clear and open

Step Two:

  • Part the hair at the base of your cat or dog’s neck
  • Place the open end of the tube onto the visible area of skin
  • Squeeze the tube until empty onto the one spot (keep the tube squeezed to avoid drawing liquid back in) 

Step Three:

  • While keeping the tube squeezed, drag it along and away from the liquid, then lift up to remove
  • Ensure the tube has been emptied
  • Relax for a month knowing your fur friend is protected!


For a limited time get Revolution 12 for the price of 10! 

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