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September 2014: How to Create a Pet Safety Kit

No matter how hard we try to protect those we love accidents happen; even to our four-legged family members.  And along with accidents, our pets are also prone to issues such as infection, bruising, blistering, itchy skin and other painful problems that can spring from seemingly minor injuries or just everyday occurrences.  This month we identify the most important items to keep in your pet’s first aid kit; so you’re prepared in the face of any type of emergency.

With the exception of adding a leash or a muzzle, building a first aid kit for your pet isn’t that much different from what you’d keep in your own.  Some of the more important staples include:

  • Scissors – for cutting out things matted in fur, freeing your pet from entanglements.
  • Tweezers – to remove splinters or other foreign materials from skin, fur or wounds.
  • Ice and hot packs – cool down skin after a burn or keep an animal warm if hypothermic.
  • Cloth – for washing wounds or placing in-between ice and hot packs; to prevent redness and irritation.
  • Antiseptic wash or wipes – look for non-stinging preparations such as betadine.  Rubbing alcohol is not good for open sores and wounds.
  • Wound gel – to protect wounds from contamination and infection.  PAW Manuka Wound Gel can be used on acute, traumatic and surgical wounds as well as on general first aid burns, cuts and abrasions.
  • Absorbent gauze pads – an aid to stop bleeding.
  • Gauze rolls – used for bandaging and padding for splints; and to stop bleeding.
  • Disposable gloves – for protection; for you and your pet.
  • Stop itch cream – to nourish and relieve your pet’s itchy skin.  PAW TriDerm Calming Gel contains aloe, chamomile & vitamin B5 to cool and calm sensitive skin and paws; as well as oatmeal, for an immediate soothing effect.
  • Syringe – to administer fluids by mouth and wash wounds.
  • Toenail clippers – the Gripsoft Nail Trimmer is ideal for torn nails.
  • Muzzle and leash – even the most well trained pets may bite when injured or afraid.
  • Contact numbers - It’s also important to keep information regarding your pet’s medical conditions, allergies, and the contact number of your primary veterinarian, in this kit.

Building a first aid kit, or purchasing a pre-made one from organisations such as the ASPCA, is a great first step in helping to maintain the health and safety of your pet.   If you’d like to learn more about pet safety we suggest taking a pet first aid class or reading a pet first aid book.  Also familiarize yourself with your closest pet emergency clinic; and stay safe out there.

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