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Separation Anxiety

We might envy our pets on occasion as we set off for work or school in the morning, knowing that they will spend the day at home; but many pets might not feel so lucky…

During the holidays, pets become accustomed to spending lots of time with their owners. Then, as the holidays come to a close they are suddenly left at home, completely alone. This drastic change to routine can trigger a common psychological condition called separation anxiety. It affects millions of cats and dogs worldwide every year. Separation Anxiety causes these companion animals to feel very anxious when apart from their owners. This leads them to exhibit undesirable behaviors, which in turn cause them to become physically sick.

The warning signs include:

  • Excessive grooming/licking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Urinating
  • Barking
  • Howling
  • Digging
  • Loss of appetite
  • Physical illness

The best way to help your pet avoid separation anxiety is to ensure they have plenty of options to keep them occupied while you’re away.

Sounds and Sensitivity

Practice desensitizing your pet from sounds they relate with you. For example, fitting your pet with a collar complete with a bell may allow them to lessen their association of a jingling noise with you and your keys. This Dogs & Loud Noises CD is an audio guide for practicing progressive desensitization techniques on your pet for a variety of common noises.

The harmless, non-addictive herb Catnip has been used for centuries to attract cats. By using Cat Lover Catnip Spray, you can attract your cat to their toys while you’re away from home.

Boredom Busting

Providing your pet with boredom busting toys is the perfect way to distract them during your working week. The Play N Learn Boredom Buster is a squeaky ball covered in fabric. Fitted with six long flaps and two short ones, this toy is designed for your dog to pick up and throw; keeping them on their paws to bust hours of boredom! Made from reinforced oxford fabric, this toy is extra durable. 

Try our range of Zerbil Cat Toys to keep your cat entertained for hours. The rounded, plastic base of each unique Zerbil character contains catnip, to attract your pet to this curious creation. A fun, feathered and fluffy animal is attached with a spring, so as soon as your cat’s swats their toy, the Zerbil will spring into action. Your kitty will love pouncing at this bouncy, wobbly creature.

Tough Treats

Keep treats and mealtimes exciting by making eating them a game. On hot days, freezing treats can prolong the fun of eating a tasty delight. As the weather begins to cool, a Kong Biscuit Ball will keep your dog busy as they try to access the treats peeking out from the four bone-shaped ports of this hollow ball.

The unusual design of the Kong Jump’N Jack means this Kong jumps erratically, springing wildly in different directions with every bounce. The natural rubber, patented Denta-Ridges can be fitted with treats. Plus, they condition your pet’s teeth and gums by providing them with a gentle abrasive clean, reducing plaque and food debris. The Kong Jump’N Jack is available in small, medium and large sizes, to suit every dog.

Active not Anxious

Try to take your dog for a walk in the morning before you leave for the day. This will ensure your pooch uses up some of their excitable energy by exercising regularly. Keep your pet active by stimulating them with an assortment of different types of toys. It’s no good giving your pet 5 toys, if they’re all used in the same way, like 5 rolling balls. The Play N Learn Tigger the Tiger will offer dog’s who love to tug, squeak and shake their toys hours of amusement. The stretch weave fabric will clean and floss your pet’s teeth while they play. The fun never stops with Tigger the Tiger as he squeaks with every squeeze from your pet.

To keep anxious felines active during the day, give them a Kong Kickeroo toy for Cats, or a Kong Kitten Kickeroo for kittens. The Kong Kickeroo has been designed appropriately in a rectangular form to enable hind paw kicking and wrestling. Plus, the extension of a fluffy tail adds even more excitement to your pet’s purr-fect toy. Lovely and soft; your kitten will love to snuggle up to their Kickeroo, filled with catnip, once they’re tired out from playtime. Our Kickeroo range is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

You can prevent you pet from suffering separation anxiety by providing them with plenty of toys and treats for amusement, when you leave the house this week.

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