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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Dressing up your pet for Halloween is an exciting thing to do for almost every family with a pet.  It’s a fun time for kids and many adults; however it can be a frightening and stressful time for your pets.  With a little caution and some common sense, Halloween can be fun for everyone; so follow our pet safety tips and enjoy the night of frights!

Be Careful Dressing up your Pets

Dressing up your pet in a costume can cause unnecessary stress.  However if your pet does like it, make sure the costume isn’t annoying and fits well; it shouldn’t constrict your pet’s movement, hearing, barking or meowing.  Also ensure that it doesn’t contain dangling, easily chewable material pieces which may cause your fur-friend to choke.  Simple costumes that don’t interfere with your pets normal actions, such as small ribbons, bandanas or a non-intrusive hat, can also be just as fun!

Keep Pets Away from Candy

It’s very important you keep an eye on the candy you have for trick-or-treaters as it can make you pets very sick if ingested.  Artificial sweeteners and chocolate can be very dangerous to cats and dogs so if you suspect that your pets has eaten something toxic, contact your veterinarian or the animal poison control centre immediately.

Watch Your Pets around Decorations

Although they are relatively non toxic, be weary of edible decorations, such as pumpkins and corn, which can often lead to upset stomachs in cats and dogs.  A carved pumpkin can also be somewhat dangerous if a candle is added.  Ensure that all wires and chords from lights are out of reach from your pets; you don’t want them suffering any cuts, burns or shocks on this night of fright!

Trick-or Treaters

Pets should be kept away from the front door during trick-or-treating hours.  Continual door bell ringing and people at the door (in scary costume, no less!) can be stressful.  Keep your pets in a separate room, however if they do want to be part of the festivities, ensure they are contained in a restricted space so they can’t run outside every time you open your door.

ID Your Pet

If you decide to take your pet trick-or-treating with you, be sure that it’s wearing a collar.  If your pet escapes and becomes lost, a collar, tag or even microchip can be a lifesaver.  If they  do become lost having these ways to identify them will increase the chances they will be returned to you. 

Happy Halloween from the team at CanadaVet!

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