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November 2014: 5 Winter Tips For Keeping Fido Fit

Extreme weather conditions and snow can make exercising with your pet difficult.  Weight gain, behavioural problems and boredom can increase without regular walks; often resulting in your pet adopting destructive behaviours.   As we approach the colder winter month’s regular exercise shouldn’t be overlooked; so follow our tips to ensure your pet remains happy and gets the winter exercise it needs.

Winter Coats:
Cold winters days can be particularly uncomfortable for slim, short haired and older dogs; with some experiencing arthritis and respiratory problems when exposed to excess cold.  If you decide to head outdoors to exercise with your pet during the colder winter months use a winter dog coat, like the WeatherBeeta Arctic.  Offering warmth, comfort and protection against the winter elements, the WeatherBeeta Arctic also has reflective piping and stripes; for night time safety.

Get Flashing and Fight the Dark!
If you’re exercising outdoors with your pet invest in an LED Flashing Dog Light, as during the darker winter months pets are difficult to see; particularly after dark.  Easily clipping onto the D-ring of your dogs collar, the battery powered LED’s emit a bright, ambient glow, so you’ll be able to see your pet on the darkest of nights; and so will everyone else. 

Where to Walk:
Walk your pet in wooded areas during the winter months.  Not only does the forest provide protection against the wind but the rich sights, sounds and smells can be interesting for dogs to investigate; distracting them from the chilly temperatures.

Fetch Fido:
If your pet is reluctant to venture outside, or if it’s blowing a gale and outdoor play is out of the question, a great way to keep your pet stimulated is to engage them in some extra indoor activities like fetch or tug-o-war.  Cuz Toys and KONG Tugger Knots Moose are great toys that will help burn off some calories and alleviate boredom. 

Indoor Dog Parks: 
If you find that your indoor space is limited, try and visit an indoor dog park.  Often held at doggy day care centres they’re a great way to exercise pets that don’t like venturing outside in the cold and the snow.

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