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Winter Safety With Pets

Winter is nearly upon us and as well all know the cold weather poses many risks; to ourselves and to our pets.  Here at CanadaVet.com we have created a Winter Safety Guide; to ensure your pet remains safe, comfortable, happy and warm this winter.

Flashing Dog Lights

LED Flashing Dog Lights that emit a bright ambient glow are perfect for pre-dawn or after dark outings; particularly during winters’ darker days.  These lights are perfect for spotting your dog and provide awareness to others of your dog’s location.  They are designed to keep your dog visible and safe, and can be seen up to 1000 feet away. 

Stay hydrated

Even when it’s cold and the temperatures drop to below zero our beloved fur-friends still need to stay hydrated; fresh running water is therefore vital.  Be vigilant and keep an eye on your pet’s water bowl to make sure it doesn’t freeze over.  Whilst ice pops might be a fun treat, your pet really doesn’t want to have to lick a frozen lump of ice to get his water. Using plastic water bowls prevents tongues from accidently getting stuck. 

Shelter from the storm

If pets cannot come indoors, make sure they are protected by a dry, draft-free enclosure or kennel large enough to allow them to sit and lie down, but small enough to hold in the pet’s body heat. Raise the floor a few inches off the ground and cover it with straw.  Warm the shelter with a fleece throw blanket and check the enclosure regularly; wet bedding can be fatal to a pet.  If the temperatures drops significantly, bring them inside; even the laundry is warmer than their kennel.

Dog coats are the go

Just as we like to pop on a sweater or a coat when the temperature drops, so to do dogs!  And like humans, when exposed to excess cold some dogs can get chills, respiratory problems and experience arthritis.  Canine clothing options, such as the new WeatherBeeta Arctic Dog Coat, have been designed to provide warmth, comfort and protection against the harsh winter elements; allowing your pet to safely exercise when the extreme temperatures hit.

Beware of Antifreeze

The most common winter chemical found on many driveways in America is Antifreeze.  Often found leaking from a cars radiator, antifreeze is a thick sweet liquid that tastes delicious to pets; but it’s extremely deadly and the smallest sip can be fatal.   Keep your pets away from the garage at all times and clean up any accidental spillage.  However if you suspect your pet has been exposed to antifreeze, take them to a vet immediately.


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