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Product of the Month: Sasha's Blend

It can be lots of fun rugging up and drinking hot drinks by the fire during winter, however for our pets the drop in temperature can mean the start of some very uncomfortable aches and pains. Nobody wants to see their pet suffering from Osteo-arthritis or any other form of joint pain which is why it is important to find a product that will relieve your pet from any discomfort. Joint supplements have been proven to help ease the pain for pets that unfortunately suffer from joint and muscle pain. This month's product of the month looks at Sasha's Blend which is one of the best joint supplements available and has been specially formulated to keep your pet pain free all year round.

Sasha's Blend Description: Sashas Blend is a 100% pure and natural supplement for dogs high in glucosamine and chondroitin and other ingredients which have joint protective properties. This unique combination of marine concentrates contains a wide range of nutrients which aids in the control and management of dogs with arthritis.

Manufacturer: Interpath

Active Ingredients:

  • Green Lipped Mussel,
  • Abalone
  • Shark Cartilage.

Available in: Sasha's Blend is readily available in two different forms depending on preference. The same formula is provided in both the Sacha's Blend Powder and Sacha's Blend Capsules.

Sasha's Blend Capsules 200 caps

Price: $34.97

Directions: Capsules are to be administered orally (directly or hidden in a treat) or they may be opened and the powder mixed well with food or drink.


Sasha's Blend 250g Powder

Price: $57.95

Directions: Powder form that can be mixed well with pet food and drink daily.

Suitable for: Sasha's Blend is safe for use in all dog breeds of all ages. It is suited best for those that suffer from  hip dysplasia, joint injuries, arthritis and for those who are simply slowing down with old age.

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