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Pet Friendly Halloween Tips

The Halloween fun is about to begin once again and it is important for all pet owners not to get caught up in the scary excitement and forget about their pets' safety. Treats, decorations and scary costumes can all become a safety threat to our beloved pets so follow this month’s Halloween pet tips to keep your pet safe and happy throughout all the spooky celebrations.

 Pet Friendly Treats Only

Halloween is all about scary costumes, decorations and most of all, candy! But that candy collection gained from trick-or-treating is not for Fido or Fluffy. Chocolate is toxic for our pets and causes problems like vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances and even death. Even candy wrappers, if eaten by your pet, can cause severe health problems. Chocolate and candy should be kept well out of your pet’s reach and children should be kept in sight to avoid them sharing their trick-or-treat goodies with pets. Have some pet friendly treats to give your pet so they don’t feel left out amongst the celebrations.

Decoration Danger Zone

Pets are curious creatures and Halloween decorations make the perfect prey for their curiosity. With crepe paper streamers, electric lights, plastic spiders and fake cobwebs hanging from the walls, your house can soon turn into a pet danger zone. The decorations can be easily chewed and swallowed causing serious damage to your pet’s digestive tract. Decorations with electric wiring can also be very dangerous to your pet as they can severely burn them or cause an electric shock. It is recommended to keep festive decorations out of your pet’s reach and maintain direct supervision at all times. Try some fun Halloween-themed pet toys, which will help to ensure that both you and your pet have a frightfully fun Halloween!

Costumes Not for Every Pet

Some pets loved to be dressed up but others can find it distressing and annoying so be sure to only turn your pet into Franken-pup or devil-kitty if they are ok with it. If you do dress up your pet be sure the costume isn’t annoying or unsafe and don’t restrict your pet’s movement, hearing, or impede their ability to breath. Masks are not a good idea and restricting your pet’s vision may cause them to become stressed and potentially aggressive.

Trick or Treating Pet Safety

It is recommended to leave pets at home when heading out for some trick or treating fun, but if you do choose to take them along make sure you are cautious and keep them safe. Keep them on a short leash or harness at all times to prevent them fighting with other animals and biting any strangers in costume that give them a fright. Be sure to keep them close by to make sure they don’t become victims of any practical jokes.

Pet Identification a Halloween Must

People will be coming and going from your house during Halloween so make sure your gate is kept closed and that your pet won’t be able to escape. Ensure your pet has proper identification tags and that they are micro chipped with all details up to date. This way there will be a much higher chance of them being found and returned if they happened to run away or escape during Halloween.

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