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Pets Help Us Save on Medical Bills

Pets help us save on our medical bills!

Having our pets around certainly makes us feel better but did you know they also keep us healthier and allow us live longer!

Dogs and Cats reduce stress!

Dogs and cats have been shown to reduce blood pressure in a number of trials involving men and women in stress tests, in children undergoing physical examinations and in stockbrokers when performing stressful tasks. People with pets have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels when compared to those with no pets, even when weight, diet and smoking habits are the same.

In patients recovering from a heart attack, those with pets are over 4 times more likely to survive longer than a year after being hospitalized for serious heart problems.

Taking your dog for a walk keeps you fitter!

Whenever your dog looks at you longingly with those big eyes at walk time, making you feel guilty into taking him for a walk, he's also helping you become healthier. People who own pets often have better physical health due to the need to exercise and care for their pets. Pet owners are more likely to go out for a walk even though they may not feel like it, because they say that their pet would be disappointed if they didn't take them out.

Reduced visits to the doctor and fewer health problems!

Pet owners at home needed fewer medical appointments and suffered from fewer minor health problems when compared to non pet owners and patients in nursing homes where pets are used in therapy require less prescription medications and the overall cost of caring for them is lower.

Emotional and Psychological benefits!

Having pets makes us less anxious, helps us to relax and reduces the inclination to dwell on our problems or worries. Pets decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation. Caring for a pet gives many people a sense of purpose. Surveys show that families reported feeling happier after acquiring a pet than when surveyed before the pet entered their household.

While we shower our pets with love and attention, care for their daily requirements and health needs, it's nice to remember that we're also getting great benefit from having them in our lives! Which by the way, may be longer, happier and healthier than if we did not have them!

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