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Protect Your Pet From Heatstroke

Thousands of pets each year are sadly affected by heat stroke. Pets that experience heat stroke can be left with incredibly severe damage. Affected animals will at first appear excited, but then may begin to lose their balance. Seizures can then occur and this can lead to them slipping into a coma. Multi-organ failure can then follow and the animal will be at risk of facing death. With the weather now beginning to heat right up it is crucial that you are aware of the signs and prevention techniques to keep your pet cool and safe from the dangers of heat stroke.


The signs

Spotting the signs of heat stroke early can help save your pet's life. During summer constantly check your pet to make sure they are not at any threat of developing heat stroke. Check for the following signs if you suspect your pet may be suffering from heat stroke:

  • Increased body temperature
  • Extreme panting
  • Lying down without wanting or being able to get up
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dizzy
  • Disorientation
  • Increased thickness of saliva

What to do if your pet suffers heatstroke

The best thing to do if your pet suffers heat stroke is to take them to a vet immediately. Your veterinarian will need to give medication to control seizures and to prevent further damage to your pet's organs. They may also give it a water enema to reduce the body temperature. It is likely that your pet will be placed on an intravenous drip and your vet may also anesthetize your pet to prevent seizures. While you get in contact with your vet you can start cooling your pet by placing them in a bath or in front of a fan and applying ice packs to your pets head.

Heatstroke Prevention

  • Have your pet clipped
    Keeping your pet's coat trimmed through the warmer months will help to keep them cool. If you don't want to cut your pet's hair then it's recommended to at least groom them daily to help remove any excess hair that they shed. Try using either a product from The Gripsoft Range or The Zoom Groom Brush for Dogs.
  • Keep your pet hydrated
    Be sure to always have a bowl full of water available for your pet to drink. Keep the water in the shade to make sure it stays at a cool temperature. Placing ice cubes in your pets water bowl can also help keep the water cool.
  • Provide plenty of shade.
    Sufficient shade for your pet is extremely important. If they are out in the backyard all day try placing a shade tent or some form of cover so that they can stay protected from the sun at all times.
  • Exercise in cooler parts of the day
    Try walking your pet early in the mornings or late in the afternoon to avoid your pet becoming overheated. Be aware that your pet's paws can get burnt on hot roads just like our feet, so if you are walking your pet in hot weather keep them on the grass.
  • Never leave your pets in the car
    It is definitely NEVER ok to leave your pet unattended in a parked car. Even with windows down, the temperature become extremely hot within minutes and pet's can suffer immensely. People can also get distracted in the shops and take longer than originally planned putting their pet in great danger.
  • Prepare for days out
    If you are heading out for the day with your pet to the beach, park or another location make sure you prepare well. Bring shade and plenty of water to make sure your pet has an enjoyable day just like you. Also pack sunscreen as pet's can get sunburnt too especially pink and light-skinned breeds. Try purchasing sunscreen that is specifically designed for animals such as Filter-Bac.

Following these simple precautions may save your pet's life. Becoming aware of the dangers your pet can face in heated temperatures will allow for you to plan and prevent any chance of heat stroke.

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