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Newsletter June 09

I Am Surrounded by Fleas? What am I doing wrong?

We often have customers ask us why they still have a flea problem when they are using a monthly topical flea preventative like Frontline Plus, Revolution, Advantage and Advantix.

Here are a couple of the biggest culprits for these products not working as effectively as you might expect:·  

  • Not applying the product properly. Make sure you are applying the product to the skin, not to the haircoat. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the packet or leaflet. Dont rub it in or wipe it away, as this effects the products performance.
  • Splitting doses. Use one dose per pet. Because the active ingredients may not be dispersed evenly throughout the container or pipette it comes in, splitting a dose may mean neither pet is getting the proper amount. It might feel like you are saving money, but because effectiveness is reduced significantly, it will cost more in the long run.
  • Not treating all the pets in the home. Some pets do seem to attract more fleas than others, and often its harder to see fleas on cats than on dogs due to dogs grooming behavior. Dont be fooled, to stop fleas, you need to treat all the dogs and cats in the house.
  • Skipping doses. Dosing regularly each month throughout the whole year, is the only way to break the flea life cycle. Skipping a month (or worse, a number of months, e.g. over winter) gives the fleas a chance to make a comeback.
  • Bathing your pets too often. Bathing your pets too often can wash the product off, and applying the product when your pets skin is still wet also reduces effectiveness.

If you are having an ongoing battle with fleas, remember to avoid the above no-nos and we are confident you will see an improvement within a few months. Of course, dont forget to treat the pets environment as well. Regularly wash and air all bedding (in sunlight if possible), vacuum regularly and use a household flea control product.

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