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The 5 Biggest Flea Mistakes Any Pet Owner Could Make!

It is frustrating to constantly be using all the flea products, listening to advice and following every idea in the book yet still not being able to win the battle against fleas. It's a never ending problem that millions of pet owners are faced with each year.  This month’s article provides you with The 5 biggest flea mistakes any pet owner could make to help you work out what you might be doing wrong and to help you put a stop to fleas forever.

  1. Failing to Follow Directions

    Every flea product will come with directions of use that must be followed. Failing to apply the treatment correctly could result in an unsuccessful attempt to win the war against fleas. If you are using a topical spot-on treatment you must apply the product on to skin allowing the formula to get to work. Many people rush the job and can end up applying majority of the product into the hair coat and not to the skin. Take into account when your pet has last been bathed and when you plan to bath them next as many products won’t be applied successfully if the skin is at all wet. The directions are there to help you get the best results you can so be sure to use them to your full advantage an give your pet the best chance they have to stay flea free.
  2. Splitting Doses

    Saving on pet costs can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you have a number of pets living in your household. Pet owners may think splitting doses of flea treatment is an effective way to save money, however this is definitely not the case. Splitting doses between pets can turn out to be unsuccessful and end up costing more in the long run. The container, pippette or tablet you chose to use will have been designed to provide the correct dosage per pet and sharing will only cause the product to be less effective. Give your pet the recommended dose and provide them with the full protection against fleas that they deserve.
  3. Not Treating Pets Simultaneously

    It is crucial that all pets living together must be treated at the same time. If you treat your pets at different stages it will become very difficult to completely rid all animals and your home from flea infestations. Fleas can be hard to spot on some animals, which can often lead owners into thinking it is unnecessary for them to be treated. Don’t be fooled, take all possible precautions and treat each pet at the same time each month regardless of whether they have fleas or not. This is the only way to ensure that in the end you get the flea results you want.
  4. Skipping Months

    Fleas can be a threat to your pets all year round. Even in colder months of the year your pet can be at risk of becoming a victim to the blood sucking creatures. This is why you MUST treat your pet for fleas every single month of the year. Even if your pet doesn’t have fleas, by treating them regularly as recommended you will also be protecting them and avoiding any chance of them becoming infested. Skipping doses will also give fleas the chance to make a comeback if you have only recently gotten rid of them in your home and on your pet.
  5. Wrong Product Choice

    It can always be a hard choice to choose which flea product to use on your pet. There are many different treatments available which can be very effective in different situations. There are topical spot on treatments, washes and oral medications available to help you beat fleas. Different environments will be more suited to different products so make sure you learn a little about the product you are buying to ensure it will be best suited to your pets living arrangements and lifestyle. If you purchase a product that doesn’t work it is a good idea to try something else that might be much more effective at killing fleas on your pet.

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All the team at CanadaVet.com hope you and your pet have an enjoyable and flea free year ahead!

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