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Travelling with Pets

We all love going on holidays, and taking your pets with you can make your holidays so much more fun. Here are a few tips to ensure you all arrive safely to enjoy your well-earned break.


Try to start traveling with your pets when they are young. Puppies and kittens exposed to car travel in a positive and assuring way when young travel well all of their life.

Properly restrain your pet in the car so that they will not distract the driver. Dog guards in wagons and SUV's are ideal. Alternatively a special car harness that the seat belt can be placed through is great for dogs, or a roomy well-ventilated cage for your cat. The harnesses we have on our site are designed for restraining dogs in cars and can also be used for walking.

Stop every few hours for a toilet break and a drink of fresh water. Keep your dog on a lead to prevent them from running away and causing accidents. Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car, even on an overcast day, as the temperature inside can rise to lethal degrees within minutes.

Supply water during the trip if appropriate and food as needed.

Have your pet micro-chipped and put a collar and name tag on your pet with your cell phone number on the tag.

If car sickness is an issue, try giving a ginger tablet 45 minutes before travel. If this doesn't work prescription medications are available from your veterinarian. Since these are prescription drugs, your pet will usually need to be examined before they can be prescribed.

Never leave your pet in the car unattended. Apart from heat stroke, I have heard of dogs that have chewed the tops off all of the door knobs, ripped up the seats, knocked the transmission out of gear causing the car to roll off without a driver!

Check with a local vet in the area to which you are going as you may need tick, mosquito, heartworm protection, etc. that is not required at home.


CanadaVet.com Management & Staff

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