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10 Top Tips for Safe Night Walking With Your Pet

Winter is here which means it is dark early in the evenings and sometimes before anyone has even had a chance to take their pets on an afternoon walk.  Whether you have to work or have been busy with other activities the early nightfall is no reason your pet should miss out on their daily walk.  The evening is actually a great time to get out with your pet for some exercise.  It can be quieter making it the perfect time to bond with your pet.  Night walks can also result in being very beneficial for making your pet sleep better.   There are of course a few risks that come with night walking; however by following these top 10 tips you can be sure that you and your pet will enjoy every minute of your evening work out.

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  1. Choose safe areas
    One of the first aspects to consider when walking at night is to make sure the route you take is safe.  This especially applies to anyone that is walking alone with their pet.  This way you and your pet won’t face any unwanted danger that may stop you both enjoying your evening exercise.
  2. Light up and be seen
    The night’s darkness brings a great lack of visibility for you, your pet and others.  It is important that you are seen at all times especially if you are walking near roads with passing cars.  It’s also a great way for you to keep an eye on your pet and will make it possible for you to locate them if they run away.  Carrying a torch is also an easy way to be able to see where you are walking.  Try choosing bright colored clothes that can be spotted more clearly in the dark.  Purchasing a collar that lights up is the best option for your pet allowing them to become visible in the dark.
  3. Look out for damaged roads
    Another reason why it is important to carry a torch is so you can keep a look out on the ground you are walking on.  Damaged roads and paths pose a serious danger to both you and your pet by causing you to fall or trip over. Also be sure that you are aware of potholes or even prickles in grass that may injure you or your pet.
  4. Have all equipment in top condition
    Make sure your pet’s equipment is regularly checked.  The last thing you would want is to have a lead or collar break in the middle of your night stroll resulting in your pet running away into the night. A good way to avoid this is to purchase good quality equipment that is durable for a large amount of use.

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  5. Be attentive
    It is a large responsibility of owners to keep their full attention during night walks.  Be sure to be on the lookout for passing cars, other night walking pedestrians and wild animals that may be around.  It is also extra important to concentrate on holding the lead tight at all times to avoid losing grip of your pet.
  6. Microchip and ID collar
    Have your pet microchipped and ensure all your details are up to date at all times. Also attach a name tag or some form of ID to your pet’s collar in case they run away.
  7. Watch out for salt and ice
    Be aware of road salt and antifreeze when out at night walking.  When you arrive home be sure to check for any salt that may be stuck inbetween or on the bottom of your pet's paws
  8. Stay hydrated
    It can be easy to forget at night to make sure you and your pet are staying hydrated. Get plenty of water before, during and after the walk.
  9. Don't walk in extreme weather
    If weather conditions are not looking good then it might be better to stay indoors.  If this is the case you can still keep your pet active by playing games such as running up and down the stairs, hide-and-seek and tug-of-war.  Be as creative as you can by incorporating different types of toys for some extra added fun.

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  10. Stay warm
    Even though you and your pet will be on the move try to make sure you are both warm enough to be outside.  Your pet can get cold too, so try a dog coat or even booties to stop them from feeling the winter chill.

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    Follow all these tips to keep your beloved pet fit and happy through the winter months.

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