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Natural Joint Healers for Your Pet

Natural joint healers can bring about some much needed pain relief for your pet. Chondroprotectives such as glucosamine and chondroitin can help relieve the pain and reduce the symptoms of arthritis, which is main cause of joint pain in pets. These healers also have very few side effects, particularly when compared to prescription medications.


Benefits of Chondroprotectives
Chondroprotectives help alleviate a number of problems in your pet. In addition to helping with arthritis pain and symptoms, chondroprotectives also help with elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, knee ligament injuries, and dislocated kneecaps. Other inflammations, particularly those in areas bathed with fluid or mucus, also receive relief from these natural healers. These areas include an inflamed eye or an irritated bladder lining.


Picking the Supplement
There are a number of supplements you can choose to give your pet. Those containing glucosamine, chondroitin, SAMe, and perna are excellent choices. Many products with these supplements can be bought over the counter, though some do require a prescription. Products containing MSM are particularly helpful to pets that are in pain.


Glucosamine is helpful to you pet because it stimulates the production of collagen. This reinforces the fiber in the cartilage, which makes it stronger. Glucosamine also causes the cartilage to produce glycosaminoglycans. This substance helps your pet’s body retain moisture around the cartilage. Glucosamine can also help your pet’s body produce hyaluronic acid and synovial fluid.


A good supplement to include with glucosamine is chondroitin because they work particularly well together. Chondroitin inhibits white blood cell enzymes, which prevents them from causing damage to the cartilage. It also stimulates cartilage synthesis and improves the cartilage’s absorption of nutrients.


SAMe helps decrease inflammation and pain in your pet’s joints. It also assists in the destruction of free radicals, which cause additional damage to your pet’s cartilage. In addition, perna relieves stiffness and pain by increasing the production of synovial fluid.


Telling the Difference
Chondroprotectives heal the body one cell at a time. As a result, it generally takes several weeks for a pet owner to notice a difference. Luckily, the benefits of chondroprotectives is long lasting. Therefore, your pet will continue to experience these benefits even if you stop using them. In addition, this carry-over effect causes the improvement to increase substantially with every use. And, since these supplements are natural and safe to use, you don’t have to worry about dangerous side effects for using them for a long period of time.

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