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Product of the Month: Preventic Tick Collar

The beautiful blooming flowers of spring tempt many pet owners to enjoy the outdoors with their dog by their side. However, pet owners must also beware of ticks, as the warm weather causes tick activity to increase; putting your pet's health at risk. Fortunately, protecting your pooch from ticks is easy this season, with the Preventic Tick Collar. Read on to find out more about this amazing collar!

Preventic Tick Collar Description:

The Preventic Tick Collar is made from specially formulated materials which offer your dog subtle but effective protection from ticks. It buckles comfortably around your dog's neck, just like an ordinary dog collar. Once fitted, any excess collar length can be cut off and disposed of. This ingenious collar means you can protect your pet from ticks, without altering your pet's daily routine. The Preventic Tick collar controls ticks for a period of up to 8 weeks!


Active Ingredients:

Product Benefits:


  • No mess application
  • Can be cut to your dog's unique size
  • Simple tick treatment option
  • Treatment doubles as a dog collar

  • Doesn't disrupt your pet's lifestyle

  • Protects your pet for up to two months

Preventic Tick Collar

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