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Product of The Month: Gripsoft Flea Comb

This month is all about protecting your pets against the constant threat of fleas. The Gripsoft Flea Comb is a great tool for checking for and removing fleas and their eggs from your pets’ fur and should be used in conjunction with your daily flea checking routine. The Gripsoft Flea Comb comes in two different styles and can be used for both dogs and cats. 

Gripsoft Flea Comb

Manufacturer: Gripsoft

Price: $8.20

The Gripsoft Flea Comb is suitable for both dog and cat coats. The fine teeth help remove fleas and eggs to aid in the control of fleas. This flea comb has a soft rubber hand grip specifically designed for ease of movement. Excellent design, also very durable.

Purchase the Gripsoft Flea Comb now.

Small Flea Comb

Manufacturer: Gripsoft

Price: $8.20

The Gripsoft Small Flea Comb is a must as part of your grooming regime. It has been designed to fit into the palm of the hand with finger-fitting contours for ease of use. The fine teeth help remove fleas and eggs from all coat types to aid in the control of fleas.

Purchase the Small Gripsoft Flea Comb now.

Handy Hint: How to use a flea comb to find fleas

  • The flea comb is a very fine-toothed comb that captures fleas and flea dirt in its teeth when used to comb the coat of a dog or cat.
  • Comb in a head to tail direction starting on top of the back at the level of last rib and finishing at the tail tip. Then repeat moving more to the sides and eventually down the legs.
  • The flea comb will collect and remove fleas and flea dirt from the coat of the pet. Dip the comb in hot water to kill the fleas. If no fleas are found but you think you have flea dirt, wipe the comb onto a wet paper towel. If flea dirt is present, they will leave a reddish brown stain from the partially digested blood in the flea dirt

The Gripsoft Flea Combs are an easy way to help you towards preventing any flea infestations!

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