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March 2016: How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Do you have a flea problem? Are there fleas in your carpet, fleas in your yard, fleas on your pet, and fleas in your bed? There are many common misconceptions about fleas and a wide number of possible solutions to getting rid of them. Follow along and learn how to effectively get rid of fleas and keep them permanently away. 

Wash Lived-in Areas and Items

Gather your pets bedding and give it a thorough wash in the washing machine. This includes anything that your pet likes to regularly lie or sleep on, which isn’t always intended to serve as pet bedding. Wash it all – the bedsheets, the throw on the sofa and the bathroom rug. If the item is not salvageable or is full of dirt, (dander, flea eggs, flea larvae or flea excrement) best throw it out and purchase a new one. Fleas attack humans too, so all best to wash your sheets and upholstery too. 

Grab Your Vacuum Cleaner
While the bedding and any other potentially flea-infested items are being washed, grab your vacuum cleaner and go over every surface, nook and cranny you can find. While you’re doing this, send your pet outside or confine them to the bathroom, to ensure that any fleas they are carrying won’t jump onto the surface you just cleaned. Also, try putting a flea collar or broken-up mothballs in the vacuum cleaner. This will help to kill off any fleas you’ve sucked up and make sure they don’t come back to haunt you. Finally, try focus your cleaning on areas that don’t get much exposure to sunlight (fleas like humid and cool spots), anywhere that you find dried blood or flea dirt, upholstered furniture, and any crevices around baseboards and cabinets (that’s where the eggs and larvae like to hide).  
Give Your Pet a Bath
Giving your pet a bath with an appropriate flea shampoo will give them some instant relief. Try Fido’s Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate, which is a natural, pleasant smelling pyrethrin based rinse for the control of fleas, ticks and lice in dogs and cats, and lice in birds. Alternatively, try Killyptus Flea and Tick Shampoo, which is an insecticidal shampoo containing permethrin and eucalyptus oil for use on dogs for the control of fleas and dog ticks. 
When washing your pet, wash the neck first. This way, fleas will not be able to jump up onto your pets head during the bath. For extra security, keep lathering your pet for up to 15 minutes to ensure all fleas are dead and rinse your pet under warm/lukewarm water for several minutes.
Administer a Flea Treatment Product
Administering a flea treatment product will not only fight off a current flea infestation, but with year round use, will also prevent fleas from reoccurring. For a topical type treatment, try K9 Advantix for Dogs, which also treat for ticks, and Advocate for Cats, which also treats for heartworm and intestinal worms. If you prefer an orally administered treatment, try Nexgard Chews for Dogs or Bravecto Chews for Dogs, which also both treat for ticks, and try Comfortis Chews for cats. Alternatively, Kiltix Tick Collars are a flea and tick collar for dogs, which aid in the control of ticks and fleas for up to 5 months. 

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