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Product of the Month: Gripsoft Brushes

Our pets’ natural desire to clean themselves is made evident when they lick their fur. But sometimes, particularly after a romp in the garden, our pets need a little extra help. Gripsoft’s range of durable, rubber grip brushes makes grooming at home easy.

Gripsoft Brush Descriptions: Gripsoft offers a range of brush types and sizes for your cat or dog.

Manufacturer: Gripsoft

Price: From $6.83

Product Benefits:

  • Durable
  • Massaging feel
  • Range of brush styles to suit your pet
  • Grooming solution for both cats and dogs
  • Comfortable rubber grip ensures ease of movement while grooming

Dr Mark Says: “Gripsoft provides an array of brush types to ensure you can find the perfect grooming solution for your pet.”

Gripsoft Slicker Brush

Efficiently removes dead and shedding hair from your dog or cat’s coat. The Slicker Brush helps to untangle matted or knotted coats.

Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush

Specially manufactured for cats with sensitive skin or a fine coat, the Cat Slicker Brush is ideal for removing loose hair on the undercoat of cats and kittens. 


Gripsoft Pin Brush

The Pin Brush is the perfect tool for daily grooming on all breeds and coats. Hair is easily untangled by the strong wire pins.


Gripsoft Cat Pin Brush

For use on all breeds, the strong pins untangle furry knots.


Gripsoft Rubber Curry Brush

Used in a circular motion to simultaneously massage your pet, this gentle brush removes dead and shedding hair. The rubber curry brush works well when shampooing.


Gripsoft Cat Brush

Pamper your cat with a Gripsoft Cat Brush massage; great for daily use.


Gripsoft Bristle Brush

The stimulating bristles, massage your pet, making coats look healthy and shiny. 


Gripsoft Slicker Small Soft Pin Brush

The soft pins make this brush ideal for use on pets with sensitive skin, or fine silky coats.


Gripsoft Double-Sided Brush

Give your pet the best of both worlds with the Double-Sided Brush. First remove tangles using the pin side, then use the bristles to make your pet’s coat shine.


Gripsoft Double-Sided Cat Brush

The pin side untangles snarls, while the bristle side brings out the natural shine in your cat’s coat.

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