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Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs

Kiltix Tick Collar
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Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs Description

Kiltix Tick Collar is a flea and tick collar for dogs which aids in the control of ticks and fleas for up to 5 months.


Key Benefits:

  • Aids in the control of ticks and fleas

  • Lasts for up to 5 months

Directions of Use

Killtix collar controls ticks and fleas and provides protection against some ticks for up to 5 months.  Buckle collar comfortably aound the dog's neck (so that 2 to 3 fingers can be inserted easily between collar and dog's neck). Cut off any excess length of the collar and dispose of it.  Daily searching of the entire body and removal of ticks is recommended, paying particular attention to the area in and around the ears.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient
22.5g/kg Flumethrin, 100g/kg Propoxur

Do not use on sick or convalescing dogs, or on puppies less than 3 months.  This product should not be used with any other anticholinesterase pestide on the dog.  This product should not be used on cats.  Do not allow pets to chew on the collar. The collar resists the effects of water, but bathing and swimming in the collar may affect the effectiveness of the collar.

Possible Side Effects


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