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June 2016: Oral vs. Topical Parasite Protection

Protecting your pet against harmful ticks, fleas and other parasites is an important part of pet ownership. Although most owners give their pets a monthly preventative to ward off parasites, many agree that they don’t really know how preventatives work or which treatment method, a tablet or a topical is best suited for their pet. 

So what type of protection is best? There is no right or wrong answer. When choosing a protection method we recommend you consider the following factors:

  • Your pet's life-style

  • Your pet's environment

  • What you want to protect your pet against

If you have a pet that licks itself often or swims and is bathed regularly, perhaps an oral medication would be best for you. If you pet refuses to swallow down that meaty tablet, no matter how tasty it may be, try wrapping the tablet in a treat or mixing in with food. If this still doesn’t work, perhaps a topical application can be employed.

It’s also important to consider how your pet’s medication could affect other family member’s wellbeing. Some topical products available for dogs are highly toxic to cats, so always read labels carefully. And some topical treatments can also be a risk to young children if they touch the pet before the product has fully dried. So if you have youngsters at home, you may want to keep them away from your pet for a few hours after you have applied a topical medication, or alternatively treat your pet with an oral protection.

When it comes down to choosing between an oral tablet or chew, or a topical medication, you want a product that provides relevant protection to your pet. If you see live fleas on your pet and are after a quick fix solution, CanadaVet staff recommend using K9 Advantix topical application. 

On the other hand, if you want to protect from multiple parasites, such as fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms, a 3-in-1 combination such as Advocate (Advantage Multi) topical application, would be a great option for you. Alternatively, you may live in an area where ticks and fleas are prevalent, and in this case a long lasting protection such as Bravecto chews will provide your dog with 3 month protection against fleas and up to 3 month protection against ticks.  

No matter what type of treatment method you choose, you can feel confident that you’re protecting your fur friend from nasty parasites, and doing your part in living a healthy, long and happy life together.

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