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4 Tips for the 4th of July with Pets

The 4th of July is fast approaching so now is the time to begin making plans for Independence Day celebrations. However, it is also vital that pet owners take this opportunity to begin making preparations for their pets, so that they too can enjoy the festivities safely.

Fireworks don’t Work with Pets

The fireworks we love to see on this special day are certainly not fun for our pets to hear booming away, especially considering their heightened sense of hearing. If curious pets come in contact with fireworks their face and paws can be seriously burnt. Resist the urge to take your pet to a firework display, as the loud noises and crowds may cause your pet to exhibit unusual behaviours, such as running away, cowering in fear or becoming destructive.  Instead, reserve a designated room for them over the holiday, where they won’t be affected by crowding visitors. Keep them entertained with ample provision of their toys but ensure they won’t be able to access any breakables if they exude destructive behaviours. A laundry or bathroom, where the windows are small or high-set is a good option, because they won’t be able to escape if they react adversely to loud noises. Turn on a TV or play music to muffle outdoor sounds, to help keep your pet calm. Many people may begin their celebratory fireworks displays early, or finish them off the following day, so it a good idea to keep your pet safely indoors from the 3rd until the 5th. To minimise the anxiety experienced by your pets during such celebrations, you can learn how to desensitize them with a Dogs and Loud Noises CD.

Festive Food

Our pets should all have healthy diet tailored to their individual needs. Any alteration to this routine, even just for a day, could upset their stomach, so please do not share table scraps with your pets on the 4th of July. Although it’s tempting to allow our pet’s to indulge while we enjoy big feasts, the consequences can be dire for animals. Bones from ribs or chicken can splinter or become lodged in your pet’s throat or intestine. Fatty foods, such as hot dogs, can cause pancreatitis in animals, sometimes even leading to a fatal disease. Nuts, such as macadamias can cause muscle weakness or paralysis. The theobromine in chocolate is poisonous to pets, and can prove lethal. Alcohol can also prove poisonous to pets. Onions and garlic are used to season many dishes but these vegetables can also be toxic to pets, causing red blood cells to rupture. Pet-owners should keep grapes out of their fruit salads as just a handful can be fatal for pets. If pets consume a corn cob it can cause blockages internally. To reduce the risk of your petting consuming these foods which are often available in abundance around the 4th of July; ensure that food is cleared from the table immediately after eating, and that your pet cannot access leftover food in the trash.       

Dangerous Decorations

Glow-in-the-dark jewellery should not be fastened to your pet and they should not be allowed to play with it. The luminescent substance inside is not highly poisonous, but can cause gastrointestinal upset, excessive drooling or the plastic exterior casing can cause internal blockages. Beware of balloons – if they pop they may startle your pet. Also, if your pet ingests a balloon it may create a blockage in the intestinal tract and require surgery for removal. As the 4th of July presents a great opportunity to enjoy a picnic or an outdoor barbeque, many products to keep insects away such as insect coils and insect repellents are in use. Your pet should be supervised at all times when these products are being used, as ingested such products will cause intestinal irritation, central nervous system depression, or even inhaling their contents could lead to neurological problems or aspiration pneumonia.

Pet Preparation


  • Learn how to desensitize your dog from their fear loud noises now, in plenty of time before the 4th of July fireworks. This Dogs and Loud Noises CD will guide you step by step to help control noise phobias in dogs. Its progressive desensitization technique is recommended by veterinarians, animal behavioural specialists and animal welfare organizations. The CD has digitally enhanced tracks including the sounds of fireworks, thunder, gun shots and similar problem noises.
  • Make sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip are up to date as pets that are frightened by the loud noises of the holiday, like fireworks, may act abnormally and run away.
  • Don’t leave pets tied up outside on a lead, because if they become frightened by the celebrations, they may injure themselves in their attempt to escape.
  • If you have visitors over on the 4th of July, let them know where your pet will be residing, and remind them not to leave any dors ajar which could present an escape route for your pet if they become frightened.
  • Keep your pet on a lead when going outside, to the toilet for example, so they have no opportunity to run away into the holiday crowds.
  • If you are travelling to celebrate with family or friends, do not leave your pet in the car unattended, as temperatures inside a closed vehicle can skyrocket, causing heat stroke and severe dehydration. Unwind the windows a little to allow fresh air to enter the car, but not too low that your pet might try to escape. Remember to stop regularly to give your pet toilet breaks, to prevent any accidents.
  • To keep your pet away from festive decorations and food that may pose a health risk, use Scram Repellent Spray. The spray is specifically formulated to deter cats and dogs from furniture, plants, gates or specific areas around the home, as they find the smell repulsive. The smell is perfectly acceptable to humans however, and totally safe for pets.
  • Feed your cat Feline Tranquil Formula, or dog Canine Tranquil Formula chicken flavoured tablets to help maintain their normal emotional balance on the 4th of July. Our celebrations may cause our pets stress, so this non-drowsy formula containing Tryptophan and B group vitamins can be given as a treat, to help calm your pet on Independence Day.  

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