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July 2015: How To Keep Your Dog Safe At The Beach This Summer

With a long hot summer ahead, many of us pet lovers are excited to bring our dogs to the beach. What is important to remember is that you provide a fun and safe beach day for your dog. Whether you’re at your favorite busy local beach or by a quiet lake, there are a few handy tips to keep in mind before hitting the sand. Have a read of what we recommend for keeping your dog safe at the beach this summer.
Pick a dog-friendly beach spot
First things first, make sure you check the local rules. There will usually be signage around beach entrances. Check these to make sure it’s okay to bring your dog to the beach before entering. 
Keep a look out for dangerous items
Be cautious that all sorts of items can be partially or completely hidden in the sand. Broken glass, rocks, hooks, coral and garbage can all pose a danger to your dog. Have a check for everyone’s safety. 
Know your dog’s abilities
Some dogs come ready to bring their A-game in the water, and some… don’t. Don’t assume your dog is an automatic swimmer— take it nice and easy. Test your dog’s abilities with you by their side in the water to begin with. Try to do this in a shallow area where your dog has plenty of room to walk around before you move onto any paddling.
Collar and ID tags
If your dog is permitted to play off leash, make sure they have a secure collar on with appropriate identification tags. 

It is important to ensure your dog has a good recall if they are off leash, just in case they see something interesting and chase after it into the distance. Also you need to be sure your dog won’t be distracted or fearful of other people and children.  
Find fresh water and shade
Any time your dog is out in the sun for an extended period of time, it is important to encourage shade breaks and provide some fresh cool water to avoid factors such as heat stroke and sunburn.
Steer clear of choppy water
Water that is busy with large waves, boats, jet skis or boards can scare your dog; so try and find a calm water area that is free from these hazards. 
Watch what they drink
Many dogs love to drink the salty ocean water, however it’s not good for them. Do your best to limit drinking salt water and encourage hydrating with fresh water. 
Be mindful of over-exercising
Be aware that running around in the sand provides a lot of exercise for your dog and make sure your pet doesn’t overdo it.
Rinse Well
Whether you’ve been hanging out in the salty ocean or fresh water creek, be sure that you rinse off your dog’s coat to rid them of any sand, salt, and beach germs before you head home. 

Enjoy your summer on the beach with your dog! 

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