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Gripsoft Brushes and Combs

A clean pet is a happy and healthy pet.  Healthy pet's also make for happy owners. Regular grooming is essential to keep your pet looking and feeling their best and the Gripsoft range of brushes and combs make grooming at home easy. Check out the Gripsoft range to find the perfect grooming solution for your pet in the hot summer weather; and help them shed their winter coat.

Product Benefits:

  • Grooming solution for both cats and dogs
  • Range of brush and comb styles to suit your pet
  • Comfortable rubber grip ensures ease of movement while grooming
  • Durable
  • Massaging feel


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Gripsoft Brush and Comb Descriptions:

Gripsoft Double Sided
Cat Brush

Remove tangles using the pin side, use the bristle side to make your pet's hair shine.

 Gripsoft Flea Comb

Use daily to help with the removal of fleas and flea eggs.

Gripsoft Slicker Brush


Remove dead and shedding hair and untangle matted hair from your pet's coat.

Gripsoft Bristle Brush

Will help your pet's coat look healthy and shiny as well as providing a massage.

Gripsoft Coarse Comb

Use daily on medium to long haired dogs to prevent your pet's coat from getting tangled.

Gripsoft Pin Brush

Remove dead, shedding hair and knots daily with this essential grooming tool.

Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush

Remove loose hair from cats and kittens. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and fine coats. 

Gripsoft Rubber Curry Brush

Use as a gentle brush on your pet to remove dead and shedding hair.

Gripsoft Cat Comb

Keep your cat's coat tangle free and prevent hairballs. For medium / long-haired cats. 


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