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Summer Fitness Tips for Exercising with Pets


If your dog (and yourself) are still yet to lose those few extra pounds you accidently put on during winter then chances are you’re not alone. According to a recent study, more than half of pet cats and dogs in the U.S. are overweight; that’s a lot of pudgy pups and fat cats. Besides looking like a rolly polly, there are some serious health risks that come with pets being overweight, it has even been shown to take up to five years off an animal's life expectancy. Overweight animals should be dealt with in the same way as when humans diet, by combining portion control, exercise and healthy nutritional foods. Make this summer the time to get your pet (and yourself) back in shape by following our easy fitness tips for exercising with pets!

Hit the dog track

Keep your dog active by taking part in a daily exercise routine that involves cardiovascular exercise such as walking or jogging. If you are just starting out, simply begin with a light 15-20 minute walk and over time build yourself up to a 30-45 minute brisk walk or jog. Find a dog-friendly track that makes your exercise time enjoyable, it will soon become a favorite part of the day for both you and your pet.

Find your inner Doga

If you want to try something new, you can even attempt to take your dog along to doggy yoga! Believe it or not there are yoga classes out there which have been specially designed for dogs and owners. If you are keen and can't find any doggy yoga classes in your area, you may be able to find some dog yoga books or DVDs to help you and your pet perfect the downward dog.

Home exercises

On days when going outdoors to exercise don't permit it's time to get creative at home. Tug-of-war, fetch toys, chase and running up and down stairs can be great activities to get your pet’s heart rate up. Many dogs have also become custom to exercising on the treadmill, so if you think your dog has the coordination, why not give it a go! Home exercises are especially great for staying in air-con on hot days while keeping active.

Frisbee Fun

Grabbing a Frisbee or ball and heading to the park with your dog is a great way to not only get some exercise but it also combines two very important elements; having fun and bonding with your pet. Teach your dog the game of fetch and reward them for bringing the ball or Frisbee back to you. It is guaranteed to soon become one of their favorite games and is a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with your furry friend.

Life's a Beach

If you are lucky enough to live near a dog-friendly beach, then taking your pup along for some beach fun might just be the perfect way to get them into shape. They will love being let off the leash and allowed to run free. Make sure your pet is using a water-fast flea treatment such as Advantix, Advantage or Advocate so they remain protected even when they take a splash in the sea.

For fun exercising with pets follow these 5 easy tips:

  • Find a path for exercising that is pet friendly.
  • Make sure your pet is equipped with a good collar and lead
  • Be responsible and keep your dog on a lead unless in a designated off leash area.
  • Keep your pet hydrated by stopping regularly to give them a drink.
  • Only exercise during cooler times of the day to avoid your pet overheating.
  • Carry a plastic bag at all times in case you need to stop and scoop the poop!

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