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5 Important Tips for a Winter Fit Pet

The winter season is a common time of the year for people to become slack with exercise.  The cold weather can influence people to stay warm inside rather than go outdoors.  This means that our pets may be receiving less exercise than they need, but i t is important to keep your pet active even in the colder months of the year.  Follow these simple tips to ensure your pet stays fit and healthy this winter.

1. Get OutdoorsWinter Tips 2011

Try and take your pet outside as much as you can.  They will love getting out of the house even if it is just for 20 minutes.  Be aware that your pet also feels the cold, make sure on the very chilly days they are warm enough.  The WeatherBeeta dog coat can help your pet in staying warm and comfortable when outside.

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2. Be Creative

If the weather doesn’t permit for you to head outdoors it doesn’t mean  that you can’t keep your pet active.  Try indoor activities that include fetching the ball, running up and down the stairs and other activities incorporating your pet’s toys. 

Cats can chase balls of paper or wool, or shine a light from a torch and let them chase the spot of light around. Use your imagination to create fun  for your pets all in the comfort of your own home.  

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3. Avoid the Winter WobbleWinter tips 2011

Obese animals are susceptible to a number of health issues, including bone and joint pain and heart problems.  Therefore it is important to keep an eye on your pet's eating habits to avoid them adding any extra unwanted weight during winter.

You can tell if your pet is already overweight by rubbing your hand along its side and under its fur. If you cannot feel their ribs, they most likely need to lose weight.


4. SocializationWinter Tips 2011

Socializing your pet with other people’s pets during the winter months can be great entertainment for them without much effort for you. 

Organize play dates for your pet with other animals to keep them active and having fun.  The mental stimulation will help you to prevent your pet from becoming bored and from producing bad behavior.


5. Winter Vet Checks

It can be worthwhile to take your pet to the vet before winter approaches.  This way you can be aware of any medical problems that you might need to consider when exercising your pet in cold weather such as arthritis and joint pain. 

The cold weather can make such conditions very uncomfortable for your pet if not treated in the right manner. 

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So from everyone at CanadaVet, we wish both you and your pet a healthy and active winter.




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