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10 Ways to Love your Pet this Valentine’s Day

We all love our pets, but as we juggle our own lives, sometimes showing them love takes a backseat. Here are ten helpful hints about how to simply and consistently maintain your loving relationship.


  1. Spoil those who are Loyal
    Dogs are known for their loyalty so try returning them the favour. They wag their tails, purr or brush against your legs when you walk through the door, so show them that you appreciate their companionship. It can be as easy as giving them a pat or a belly rub.

  2. Fur Fashions
    Keep the seasons in mind and groom your pet accordingly. While we humans sweat to cool down, dogs mainly rely on panting to moderate their body temperature. So during the summer months, especially in hotter climates, it’s a good idea to get your dog clipped regularly. Also, it’s worthwhile remembering your dog’s favourite activities. If they like to roam outdoors, they may require more frequent brushing to prevent hair matting, particularly if they are a long haired breed.

  3. Prevent Heartache
    Heartworm is a distressing disease that affects cats and dogs, which can result in heart failure and death. It is transmitted to animals from the bite of a mosquito. Monthly heartworm preventative treatment options are available that can keep your pet protected year round.

  4. It’s Just a Game
    Just like their owners, pets can suffer from boredom. If you don’t want them to clasp your favourite t-shirt in their jaw, to tug while they run around the house; buy them an alternative toy. A range of tug, fetch or chew toys are available to keep your pet amused and content.

  5. Adventurous Steps
    A healthy pet is a well exercised pet. By going for daily walks, your bond with your pet is maintained, and you will keep your own health in check as well. If your dog is well trained and sociable, you can take the liberty of changing the location. A walk on a nearby beach or a new walking path can be an adventure for your pet. Always go well prepared with doggy bags and make sure there is dog drinking facility along the path.

  6. Life’s a Treat
    We all like to be rewarded for hard work. Treats, in healthy moderation, are a great way to learn and reward good behaviour. Positive reinforcement can encourage your pet to learn new tricks or practices. However, once a command has been learnt the owner should begin praising their dog verbally, as opposed to eternally offering them treats, which poses a health risk in the long term.

  7. Animal Moments
    Pets love having their owner’s attention. Set aside some time each day to spend with your beloved animal. This could be as simple as relaxing on the couch for a cuddle, or letting them sit by you as you work at the desk.

  8. Issued with ID
    Make sure your pet has a collar, identifying microchip or is registered with your national authority. If your pet escapes, or gets lost it will be a traumatic event for both you and your pet. Domestic animals may feel threatened in the wild, and finding themselves on our busy streets can be just as dangerous. By providing identifying details, your pet can quickly and more easily be returned safely to their home.

  9. Vets and Pets
    Regular checkups at your local vet will ensure your pet’s health is monitored accurately so they can enjoy a long life. Vets are professionals and they are trained to notice potential health issues or risks that you may miss. 

  10. Love Language 
    Dogs are highly intelligent and just as surely as they understand your commands, they understand context and differing tones of voice. The sound of an owner’s voice can be very calming for your pet. So this Valentine’s Day; don’t be afraid to tell your pet you love them. 

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