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Differences Between Flea Products

Fleas can become a major problem for pets and their owners. In addition, there are a variety of flea killing and prevention products available on the market. Therefore, choosing the right one can sometimes be a difficult decision. But, understanding the pros and cons of each can make the decision much easier.


Flea Powders

There are two primary types of flea powders: those used on the pet and those used on your carpet. Those that are applied to your pet are not very effective at killing fleas because they tend to wash off quickly and do not have much time to work on your pet. Flea powders designed for use on carpets can be very effective at getting rid of fleas in the home. By simply sprinkling the powder on the carpet and vacuuming it back up, you can kill off many of those pesky fleas. Nonetheless, carpet flea powders are usually cannot kill off all of the fleas in a home. Therefore, additional measures are necessary. And, remember, flea powders meant for carpets should never be used on pets.


Flea Bombs

Flea bombs should be used in conjunction with flea carpet powder. These bombs can kill off fleas and help break the life cycle, thereby preventing further fleas. Remember that approximately 95% of fleas live in the house and in the yard. Flea bombs can help take care of this problem, while you work on keeping fleas off your pet and re-infesting the home. It can sometimes take several treatments of the house to get rid of all of the fleas inside.


Flea Shampoo

Flea shampoos can be an effective way to kill fleas on dogs and cats. They do not, however, provide ongoing protection. Therefore, they should be used to get rid of fleas that are already present. Additional measures should be taken to prevent re-infestation.


Flea Sprays and Dips

Flea sprays, such as Advantix and Permoxin, and dips can kill fleas and help prevent further infestations. In fact, some flea sprays can remain effective for up to three months. On the other hand, some do need to be used every day in order to prevent fleas. Therefore, you need to be careful when selecting sprays and dips for your pets.


The most important step in getting rid of fleas is to prevent them from ever taking over in the first place. Spray your dog with flea sprays as often as necessary to keep the fleas from taking control.

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