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December 2015: Top 5 Winter Tips For Your Pet

The snow is falling, winter is here. The colder weather conditions can make exercising and entertaining your pet somewhat difficult. It is important to keep our fur friends entertained during winter otherwise the risk of weight gain, behavioral problems and boredom can occur; which may result in your pet adopting destructive antics and a low mood. Continuing your pet’s exercise regime and providing them entertainment indoors will ensure your pet has a safe and happy winter.
1. Flashing Lights
Pets can be difficult to see during winter’s darker days so if you are exercising outdoors with your pet grab your pet an LED Flashing Light. Easily clipping onto the D-ring of your dog’s collar, the battery powered LED’s emit a bright ambient glow, so you’ll be able to see your pet on the darkest of nights; and so will everyone else.  
2. Dog Coats
When exposed to excess cold some dogs can get chills, respiratory problems and experience arthritis. When exercising outside with your pet in the cooler winter months, fit them with a WeatherBeeta Dog Coat that will provide warmth, comfort and protection against the elements. 
3. Play Toys
Got a dog who loves to play? Try the Prestige Super Tug or the KONG Puppy Flyer, these types of toys are perfect for interactive play and will strengthen the bond between you and your pet. For pets who like to play and snuggle with their toys, try the Play N Learn Tigger The Tiger, it’s soft on the outside and durable on the inside – ideal for dogs who love to tug, squeak and shake their toys. To keep your cat occupied, offer them a KONG Kickeroo that provides cats with a realistic shape to allow hind paw kicking and wrestling. 
4. Chew Toys
Dogs spend many of their waking hours hunting for food, so why not take advantage of this? Get your dog hunting for their meal by stuffing a KONG Puppy Activity Ball or KONG Dental Stick with some frozen food; it will have your pooch entertained for hours.
5. Indoor Play
Giving your dog the proper dose of exercise in the winter months can sometimes be difficult. Why not visit an indoor dog park, they are often held at doggy day care centers and they’re a great way of letting your dog continue to play and socialize with other dogs and get some exercise in too!


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