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December 2014: 10 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas

The same things that make Christmas so special and fun to us may cause problems to our pets.  Here are 10 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas to keep our beloved fur-friends safe, healthy and happy this festive season.

Christmas Tree Needles
Clean up Christmas tree needles regularly as they can be sharp and easily get stuck in your pet’s paws or throat.

Tinsel and Ribbon
Pets are notorious for eating tinsel and ribbon which can cause serious illness if caught in the intestine.  Ensure your floors are kept tinsel and ribbon free!

Havin a Bauble
Pets see baubles as potential play things.  When decorating your tree try and use unbreakable decorations and nothing too small.

Festive House Plants
Several festive houseplants are poisonous including holly and mistletoe.  Ensure these plants are out of reach of both children and animals.

Containing a substance called theobromine chocolate is toxic to most animals; the higher the cacao content the more toxic the chocolate.

Lights Out!
Protect electric cords and flashing tree lights so your pets can’t chew on them.

Lock Down
Securely anchor your Christmas tree to keep curious pets from knocking it over.

Suitable Hydration
Keep pets from drinking Christmas tree stand water by providing water bowls that is accessible and regularly topped up. 

It’s A Wrap
Remove Christmas wrapping paper from the floor to avoid your pet chewing or swallowing it.

No Surprises
Please remember a pet is for life.  Never give pets as surprise Christmas presents.


Wishing you all a merry and festive holiday season.

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