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Top 5 Pet Winter Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived which means its time to build snowmen, enjoy festive celebrations and sit by the warm fire. With all the fun taking place it is important to make sure your favourite furry friend is feeling warm and and enjoying themselves too. Colder temperatures can be a challenging time for animals so follow these top 5 pet winter tips for the holiday season and let the fun begin!


  1. Dress Warm
    Cold weather means dressing warm and that goes for our pets too. They can also feel the winter chill and a warm coat and place to sleep can help them keep them feeling comfortable in icy temperatures. There are dog coats designed for dogs of all sizes and needs, with coats for indoor dogs that are lightweight and warm (WeatherBeeta Buddy Dog Coat), to coats for outdoor dogs living in harsher conditions that are strong and waterproof (WeatherBeeta Landa Dog Coat), as well as there being a coat for every climate or situation in between. If your pet sleeps outdoors make sure they have a good kennel to keep them out of the rain and wind. Try adding some warm blankets for extra warmth on the very cold nights.

  2. Daily Exercise
    It can be less motivating to get outside and exercise during the colder months but try to remember how important it is to the wellbeing of your pet. Pets that are cooped up inside for long periods of time become restless and can begin to display unwanted behavioural patterns so try and get outside even just for a little while to let your pet burn some energy. It is important that your pets get at least one hour of exercise each day and to do this you may need to get creative. Your petspaws can get very cold on icy roads so if it really is too chilly to go outside then play a few games inside such as; running up and down the stairs, hide-and-seek, tug-of-war and fetch.There are also many great dog toys and cat toys available which are designed to keep your pet active and entertained.

  3. Avoid Joint Pain
    Keep your pet pain-free this holiday season by keeping a close watch for any arthritis warning signs.   As pets get older they become more susceptible to the effects of arthritis and in the colder months of winter they may begin to show early signs of onset. If your pet is having trouble getting up or laying down, climbing the stairs, or has started to snap or cry when picked up, you should visit your veterinarian for advice. Try using joint supplements such as Joint Powder for Dogs, Joint Guard and Sashas Blend, which are all high in glucosamine and other ingredients designed to help control and manage arthritis. In severe cases veterinarians may need to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for your pet.

  4. Prevent Fleas All Year Round
    Itching and scratching is not a fun way to celebrate the festive season which is why you must use flea preventatives even in winter. As the temperature drops many owners believe that fleas die off and using flea control is no longer necessary. This is a common misconception as a warm heated home provides the ideal environment for fleas to breed and it is crucial that flea control is a year round commitment. Pets should be treated every month to ensure they remain protected 365 days a year.


  5. Heaters Can Be Dangerous
    Be on safety alert during the holiday season, especially with the use of different electrical devices and  fires commonly being used to stay warm. Devices such as heaters make great winter accessories however they can be very dangerous when pets are around. An unsupervised pet could knock over a portable heater and cause a house fire or even potentially burning themselves if they get too close. There is an added risk as well that they could chew through the electrical cords so it is important that pets are supervised at all times.

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