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You can now shop at CanadaVet.com in US Dollars or Canadian Dollars (effective from March 24, 2015). Simply select your preferred currency using the drop down box below or on the header and footer every page of our website.

Once selected, all prices and your basket total will then be shown in your preferred currency, and that will be the currency charged to your credit card or paypal account (so if you choose US dollars on our website, your card will be charged in US dollars and vice versa) .

You will see that the exchange rate on our website does not fluctuate minute by minute, so please do not expect the US$ price for a product compared to the CAN$ price for the same product to reflect exactly the exchange rates you see reported in the news or online. This is the same approach most major retailers (online and bricks and mortar) take to multi currency pricing, as it gives certainty to customers and makes it easier for you to shop around to make sure you're getting the best price.

The total shown at checkout on our website will be the exact amount we charge to your credit card or paypal account. We believe we offer great value regardless of which currency you choose.

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