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Top 5 Pet Travel Tips

At we like to think our pets are family; and we can’t bear the thought of leaving our furry friends behind for a vacation or even a weekend getaway.  We always take them away with us and they end up making our vacation even more fun!  By planning your travel in advance you can help make the journey as comfortable and relaxing as possible for you and your pet.  Here are our best 5 pet travel tips that will make travelling with your pet an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Prepare your pet in advance if you are planning to travel by car.  This can start from when they are young so they become accustomed to routine and also your vehicle.  Be aware that some pets will behave just fine in the car however others may suffer from stress, anxiety and even motion sickness.  If this is the case, Canine Tranquil Formula will help maintain their emotional balance and anxiousness.  Finally, before your vacation begins, please check in with your local vet to see whether your furry friend is fit for travel and if all of their vaccinations are up to date; you made need to pack extra protection for ticks and fleas, dependant on your destination.

Build a Pet Travel Kit

When humans go away on vacation, we always pack a toiletry bag, so why not pack a travel kit for your pets as well!  By organizing a travel kit for pets you know that you will be completely prepared for any misadventures or accidents along the way.  Water bowls, or even bottled water, are a great idea.  Bring your pet’s regular food and if the trip is only a short one, stick with water only, you never know what might upset your pet’s tummy and you certainly don’t want to find out!  Don’t forget a spare collar and lead, toys, a first aid kit, poop bags and grooming equipment such as nail clippers, brushes, combs and a towel.

Travel Time & Break Time

Make sure you stop every few hours for a quick break.  During a long trip we like the opportunity to stretch our legs and have a toilet break; and our pets do too!  Never let your pet out of the vehicle without a lead as in unfamiliar places pets can act unpredictably.  They also might like to burn off some excess energy and if this is the case, keep them restrained on a long lead at all times.   Temperatures can skyrocket withinminutes even on overcast days, proving lethal for your pet, so never leave them unattended in a car.

Pet ID

It’s vital to outfit your pets with proper identification prior to setting out on your journey, no matter how you choose to travel.  Using a collar and a nametag with your contact phone number, should you become separated from your pet, is the surest and quickest way they’ll find their way increase the chance you and your pet will become reunited if you become separated.

Harness for Restraint and Safety

Keep your pets restrained at all times when travelling in your vehicle for your safety as well as the safety of others.  A dog harness will not only keep your pet safe and secure during car trips, it will also prevent them from distracting the driver and injuring themselves.  The best restraint system for your pets depends on it size and breed so try the KraMar Car & Walking Harness, available in small, medium, large and extra large sizing for every dog breed.

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