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10 Pet Travel Tips

 As pets become increasingly valued members of the family they more frequently accompany their owners on holiday, to work, and just about everywhere! Having your furever friend by your side in today’s modern lifestyle often means time spent travelling – particularly in the car. At CanadaVet.com we have developed these pet travel tips to help make every journey as comfortable as possible for both pet and owner.

  1. Trained for Travel

Begin training your pet for travel when they are young; so that they become accustomed to the routine. That way whenever the occasion arises for a trip, such as a checkup at the vet, the drive doesn’t add to their or your stresses. Start with small trips, and gradually build up to longer trips as they become increasingly comfortable with travelling.

  1. Harness to Prevent Harm

While travelling with pets in the car ensure they are properly restrained. This will prevent them distracting the diver or injuring themselves. A  dog harness will keep your pet safe and secure during long car trips. The harness stocked by CanadaVet.com can also be used for walking, so your pet is ready to go as soon as you arrive at your destination.

  1. Lots of Breaks

During a long trip we all like the opportunity to stretch our legs – and our pets do too! When travelling over a long distance remember to stop for exercise breaks. Make the journey as comfortable for your pet as possible by regularly stopping for drink and toilet breaks.

  1. Never Alone in the Car

Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car. Even on overcast days temperatures can skyrocket inside within minutes proving lethal for your pet. At CanadaVet.com we have even heard stories of dogs who ripped up car seats and chewed off door knobs; so ensure they are never left alone in a car at any stage when travelling.

  1. Take a Pet Travel Kit

Ensure you are completely prepared for any misadventures along the way by organizing a travel kit for your pet. Bring your pet’s regular food, a water bowl, spare collar and lead; poop bags, grooming equipment such as clippers, brush or comb, towels, toys and a first aid kit.

  1. Pet ID

Remember that when travelling your pet will be in an unfamiliar setting and may become anxious causing them to run away. As well as having your pet micro chipped; using a collar and nametag with your contact phone number will also increase the chances and speed with which you and your pet can be reunited if you become separated.

  1. First Stop: Your Vet

Check with your local vet whether your pet is fit for travel and if all their vaccinations are up to date. You may want to enquire about car sickness medication. Canine Tranquil Formula will help treat your dog’s anxiety, helping them relax when travelling.


  1. Destination Research

Do some research or contact a vet at your intended destination to determine whether you need to pack extra protection for ticks and make sure your pet’s regular flea and worming treatments are on schedule.


  1. Find Pet-friendly Accommodation

Research pet-friendly accommodation options in your intended destination area when planning your holiday. It’s a good idea to contact the accommodation providers directly to enquire about their particular rules.


  1. Holiday Pet-fection

Spend heaps of times with your pet when you first arrive, so they can settle into their new surroundings, completely relaxed. Ensure your pet can enjoy your holiday too by picking a location where you can access local dog parks or beaches.


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