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April 2015: How To Choose The Right Parasite Preventative For Your Pet

As a pet owner it can be tough knowing which parasite preventative is right for your pet.  And with so many different preventatives available the choice can be very hard to make.  In three easy steps the team from CanadaVet will show you how to pick the best preventative for your fur-friend and help you determine the best preventative options suited to your pet’s needs.

Step 1: 

Consider your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure.  Ask yourself the question “What parasite or parasites does my pet actually need protection from?”

For example if you live near a river or in an environment that fosters mosquitoes and your dog swims every day then K9 Advantix is a great option.   You may want to couple this with a Preventic Tick Collar for maximum prevention.  On the other hand if your dog has only ever had bad flea problems Advantage for Dogs is a good choice. 

You can also apply this formula when choosing the best preventative for your cat.  If you have a cat that likes to roam outdoors Revolution for Cats, which kills fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms is the way to go.  For indoor only cats, where fleas are going to be a bigger concern than ticks, Advantage for Cats may be the best choice.

Step 2:

Price.  Yes that’s right, price.   Caring for your pets year round can be very affordable if you:

  • Take advantage of flash sales.
  • Take advantage of monthly specials.
  • Take advantage of direct mail offers.
  • Buy in bulk!  For example buying a 12 pack of Advantage is cheaper than buying 2 x 6 packs.  And remember that buying a year’s worth of prevention will help you keep your pet as healthy as possible.

Step 3:

Ask yourself what you’re realistically able to do.  Let’s be honest.  We’ve all forgotten to apply flea or tick preventatives at some point in time so maybe look into flea and tick collars like Kiltix and Preventic if you’re forgetful about getting topicals or chews into your pet.

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