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April 2014 Product of the Month: Advantage

Advantage is an easy to use monthly topical application that stops fleas from biting 3-5 minutes from application; providing fast relief.  Flea larvae are also killed within 20 minutes after coming in contact with Advantage.  Advantage can be used on cats, dogs and rabbits.

Product Benefits:

  • Stops fleas biting within five minutes around the application area; killing all adult fleas within one hour of application
  • Is larvicidal; killing flea larvae 20 minutes after contact
  • Kills lice as well as fleas
  • Water Proof for a month; so it lasts, no matter what your pet gets up to
  • Long lasting with up to a month of reliable flea control and protection
  • Safe on kittens, lactating & pregnant cats
  • Safe on puppies, lactating & pregnant dogs

Safe For Use On:

  • Puppies 8 weeks or older, pregnant and lactating animals

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